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Here's the latest on whatever's going on. Not like something is going on.

10|15|04 - Surprise surprise.
...aaaand now for that "surprise" I mentioned earlier! Let's just say that if you haven't been around the block in the JJ2 world, so to speak, then this will have no significance to you at all. Well, maybe it will - as you know we constantly have SOMETHING cooking up behind the scenes here at ELM. The other day I came across some... interesting things to say the least. Now I know you guys want hints, so you obviously aren't going to get any. Except this one: I need help cracking open a few passworded JJ2 levels. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could contact me and tell me how. You know how to get to me, any method is fine, but a PM on the JCF would probably work best. Thanks guys for being so patient. ;)

Oh yeah. The usual site maintenance (throwing up new pages, cleaning up others) was not forgotten, so look around for even more cool stuff.

...aaaand in OTHER news, I have dug up two of my ancient, pre-ELM levels! As long as you remember that these are old and not up to ELM snuff, go enjoy (scroll down to the bottom). Hey, they are still pretty fun! :)
Heh, this is the first time we busted out the Jazz news icon for you guys. ;)


07|18|04 - An UPDATE?!? Don't have a hernia on me.
Hey guys. I was working on that 6 month biannual update, but since I have all of it ready (except for a surprise, hehe ;)), I thought I'd just slap it up there right now! We've got some serious code optimizations today. The site is now low-res friendly! Woohoo! Well, maybe not exactly low-resolution friendly, but at least it is not catastrophically ugly now (namely how stuff was not centered in a nice neat row). Improvements will even be noticed even at higher resolutions too. Aaaah, nothing like some good old nested tables. In addition to the usual tweaking, I have also updated our content a little bit, adding stripe's profile among other things. Keep watching guys, this could get interesting.


02|15|04 - Don't whine. Be happy with what you have.
Uh... so much for the updates... *ahem* Okay, I guess I should apologize. I've neglected this site ( 6 months, no update! awesome) and I plan on continuing to neglect it. However, that has not stopped me from making a few code optimizations, most prominently the front index page now resizes to lower resolutions. Hooray. Good stuff may be coming your way in the not-so distant future. Or not. Peace out. ;P


08|03|03 - Plugging away.
The Projects page is now pretty much complete, and now online readmes are up! Here's what's left for the site to go "live" for the public:

  • Add more member profiles
  • Add tutorials

    Member profiles may take a while, because I may have members do a large part of it themselves. In addition digging up all of their old work will be tough (in fact I need to dig up my ancient first levels also). I should at least have a few simple tutorials up pretty soon though.


  • 07|31|03 - Uh, grand opening. Or something like that.
    The Elite Level Mappers finally have a home on the web. How sweet. And our group is still almost intact, too. ;/ This page looks a little sparse right now, and it will probably stay that way, so check out the rest of our site! ;P Regardless, contact SteelTalon if you find any problems.

    Notice: Still on the to do list, in order of priority...

  • Finish/verify list of ELM levels
  • Member profiles other than ST ;P
  • Put up the online readmes
  • Add tutorials =P


  • 07|31|03 - Jumpin' Jehosephat, we've got a host!
    We have been liberated from Geocities by J20! Celebrate, my friends! =D