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Just the good stuff.

Unreal Tournament
General: The Official Unreal Tournament Page - Get the latest patches and bonus packs here for the entire series. Now with a spiffy new look.
PlanetUnreal - Gamespy has a pretty nice site that covers all things Unreal, go check it out!
BeyondUnreal - Excellent site, updated frequently.
Editing: Unreal - Exceptional video tutorials of UnrealEd and more.
UnrealWiki - Nice compendium of UnrealEd info. - Pretty decent selection of tutorials.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2
General: The Daily Carrot [Official] - Not much here; isn't updated anymore either but nonetheless the official authority on Jazz.
Jazz2Online - Best overall Jazz site. If you can't get it here, you can at least get to it from here. Also features a huge levels database. *cough* They host cool websites too *cough*
Haze's Hideout - Nice original site. Has some music and other stuff that the others lack.
Editing: HowtoJCS - Best overall JCS site. This site has some very useful tutorials you won't find anywere else. It gets top marks from me.
JCSRef - Good site, very descriptive although a little light on sheer quantity of tutorials. It's hosted off Jazz2Online, but I gave you the linkage for your convienience anyway. ;P