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ELM tree family tree.

Name Status Rank Page
SteelTalon Active Leader [click]
GoLeX Inactive Leader [click]
stripe Active Member [click]
BloodBunny Inactive Member [click]
Dino Inactive Member N/A
Wakeman Inactive Member N/A
Derby Active "Beta Tester" ;P [click]

Quick notes: Neither Dino nor GoleX ever contributed anything despite being members from conception. Wakeman seems to have forgotten he ever joined ELM, but his levels reside here nonetheless. ;P And Derby, at least for now, is our perennial beta tester. ;P

As of right now we aren't accepting any applicants for JJ2 mapping (though that doesn't rule out us recruiting you ;)). However, if you have the skills feel free to contact us and we may consider expanding to new (read: good) games! For example, if you are some 1337 Quake mapper we certainly won't hesitate to let you join up! ELM is constantly looking at broadening its horizons, and we're all here to have fun, right? =)