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Mission | Statement

In creating the Elite Level Mappers, I had a dream... ok, maybe I didn't, but that's not the point. ELM was founded on a commitment to quality and quality only.

Our only goal is to dish out free, quality stuff for you. Why? Because quality is FUN, and free is FUN. We strive to enrich the community by making fun for them (and sometimes making fun of them ;)). At the same time, we have fun working for you to have fun. Get it? =)

As a level design (perhaps someday mod) team, our firstmost concern is fun. Everything is secondary to fun. Sure, we want to have the most creative, most extravagant and best looking levels too, but that is all for naught if it isn't fun. Only if it contributes to the fun of the project do we include it. And that's the ELM commitment to quality - if you're not satisfied, return for a complete refund.

Oh and as for the site? The ELM tree is designed to be a simple, bandwidth-friendly portfolio of our work and also a little bit about who we are. That is all. =)

-SteelTalon, leader and founder of ELM

Mission | Games

Here's the games we've developed for. No garbage here.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Vitals: Developer - Epic Games Publisher - G.O.D. [USA] Release Date - 1998
Top Links: The Daily Carrot [Official] | Jazz2Online | Haze's Hideout
Info: Hailed as one of the if not the best 2D platformer ever, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (JJ2) was met with a multitude of compliments upon release. Reviewers were flattered by the apparent faultlessness of the game. Unfortunately, the game never reached more than mediocre sales despite the rave reviews. However, JJ2 possess two things that greatly expanded its lifespan: Party Mode and JCS. Party Mode was a unique multiplayer option which was surprsingly balanced, quite fun and definitely one of a kind. JCS, or Jazz Creation Station, on the other hand was an extremely simple level editor. This is what gave ELM its legs, and to this day ELM's roots are still in JJ2 because of JCS.