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Profiles are a relatively new addition to Tickbot that provide a way of recognising users and organising information related to them. They are designed to be non-invasive by using masked hostnames to identify people. They are entirely voluntary, but you are encouraged to make one. If you'd like Tickbot to keep track of the points and other game-related statistics you've accumulated, however, you will need a profile. Profiles are also required if you'd like an individual jabber file.

This page will provide information on creating and maintaining a profile, as well as answer some questions concerning current commonly encountered problems.

All profile management is available using, surprisingly, the profile command. For creating and editing your profile, you will need to use it in query. For viewing profile information for yourself or any user, you can use the command anywhere.

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I am not an animal.

To create a profile, query Tickbot on Quakenet the following:

profile new [username], [password]

Do note the comma separating [username] and [password]. Also note that the brackets are absolutely not supposed to be a part of your username and password; rather, these are there to denote where custom information is supposed to be provided. Your username will denote how Tickbot recognizes you from now on, so choose a name that you like and that others will recognize. Clan tags, special ASCII characters, etc, are NOT to be used.

If this is done correctly you should immediately get a response saying that you've created your profile. Technically, this is all that is required in order to create a profile and be recognized.

logging in
In order to edit your profile information, you will need to log in using the username and password you just created. Remember that this is to be done in query.

profile login [username], [password]

If this is done correctly you will recieve a response saying that you are now logged in. You will stay logged in for thirty minutes after which you will automatically be logged out. Remember, logging in is only required to edit your profile or to add another hostmask from which you'll be recognised.

Now you can edit your profile using the edit subcommand. Here are all of the parameters that are available and what kind of input you should provide:

what to input
[real name/alias/etc]
[old password], [new password]
[short summary of yourself]
[mm] [dd] [yyyy]

Your bio will be displayed as the predicate of a sentence, as in: Tik is the creator of Tickbot. Your gender will be used for the purposes of pronouns in other commands. By entering your birth date, Tickbot can produce your exact age. The rest of the parameters are self-explanatory, I would hope. Here's a list of how you might enter this information in the query:

profile edit name Chris
profile edit password srf9fd9ds, s9g3kjr
profile edit gender m
profile edit location Ontario
profile edit bio perpetuating.
profile edit birthday 6 15 1986
profile edit website http://jj2.info
profile edit picture http://www.example.org/crap/me.jpg

Now that you have a profile and have edited what you wish, you may want to take a look and see if it is displayed correctly and is satisfactory. You may also want to view other profiles. In order to display your own information, simple use profile alone or profile me. This is also a good way to see if you are properly recognised.

To view someone else's profile use their nickname or username after profile. For example:

profile Tik

Doing this will display your username, gender, location, bio, your score and game tallies, and your age. Website and picture are not displayed in the profile summary.

Profiles contain much more information than just the parameters you can edit. Those are simply the parts you can choose to change. Here's some more information that a profile will track:

  • your score
  • your wins for acro, trivia, and your trivia streaks
  • the number of commands you've used
  • your previous line of text, action, quit message, nick change, and which channel you did them in*
  • the date your profile was created
  • the last command you did
  • your jabber file
Several of these allow for new functionality within tickbot. Two commands directly related to your profile are top and level.

* this is in beta and may actually be removed

known issues
Profiles are relatively new and aren't quite perfect. The main point behind profiles, recognition, may go haywire if your hostname changes. This is especially pertanent if your hostname is simply your IP address and isn't static. I'm working on better recognition techniques but for now you'll have to log in for a new hostmask to be added. A common fix for this issue is making an account with Q and setting +x on yourself. This will give you a host that is always static.

Another issue is that on some rare occassions your profile may be erased. I obviously don't know why exactly this happens, but it's nothing to be too worried about because regular backups are made.

Sometimes you may need to log in and your password won't be properly recognized. I don't know why this may happen, but if it does contact me, Tik, and I will help. Contacting me if any bugs whatsoever are found is encouraged so that I may fix them as quickly as possible.