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Nov 22, 2006, 07:30 AM
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The NEW DS Friend Codes List

I know there's already one of these, but if all possible, this one could be thumbtacked and I (or some admin) can update the main portion constantly to keep people from having to seek out codes and such for their favorite people and such. And it's organized in two sections/posts to find people on a specific game or find what a specific person plays (space constraints could eventually become an issue). Post new codes or updates for old codes. Please don't send messages to me with your codes.

Remember, though, that just because you have somebody's friend code doesn't mean that they'll communicate with you. They need yours as well.

Note that if information is missing, there will be an indicator instead of a blank space.

Sorted by GAME TITLE A-Z:

Game Title			JCF Account Names	Code		User		Town Name/Other

Animal Crossing: Wild World	Ae			0773-8271-8988	Adam		Dirt

				Frost			2019-3709-9170	Frost		Ireland

				Hareoic			1976-4237-7592	Mide		Lancre

				Pako Spanrabbit		3436-6982-0845	Pako		Antakira

				Shuichi Shindo		2620-5369-0879	Onikidou	Idaho

Clubhouse Games

Final Fantasy III		Hareoic			0559-1891-4948

LostMagic			Hareoic			5326-4827-4991

Mario Kart DS			Frost*			090258-784666*	Frost*

				Shuichi Shindo		313592-099391	Oni Kidou

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March
of the Minis

Metroid Prime Hunters		Frost			0644-9813-8773	FroZt

				Hareoic			2191-1140-0674	Hareoic

				Shuichi Shindo		0172-4743-6401	Oni Kidou

Open Season

Star Fox Command

Tenchu: Dark Secret

Tetris DS			Pako Spanrabbit		305398-804051

Tony Hawk's American Sk8tland

*May be obsolete
But perhaps the most likely reason of all,
was that his bombs were simply two sizes too small

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