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Dec 14, 2017, 12:48 AM
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Hello people!
My forum name is BunOfThunder: I've been a long-time Jazz Jackrabbit player and I discovered the games way back in the 90s! Quite infact, I've been heavily lurking these very forums many years ago, but never got around to open up an account, mostly because I wasn't internet-savvy back then.

I recently acquired the whole JJ series again via GOG and I was happily surprised to see that the JJ2+ patch, which you guys have worked on, is included in the purchase and adds so much to the original game! Along with the plethora of custom levels provided by the community, it's truly a breath of fresh air that keeps this game strong through the years, with its replayability factor getting renewed on and on.
Seeing the patch in action has reminded me of the J2O community, so I went back and finally registered. It's great to see this place still active!

I'm known elsewhere on the net with other usernames, yet I feel this one I chose will be most appropriate for JJ related contents. =D
Outside here and offline, I'm known as a tattoo designer, illustrator, and graphic novel artist. Overall, I like to keep myself busy, and although I'm absolutely abysmal with programming skills of any kind, I'd be very happy to be useful for eventual updates and contribute when it comes to graphical contents.
That's... really all I can think of now! Glad to meet you all!