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Jema Breakfree comp

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Mar 25, 2007, 04:06 AM
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Jema Breakfree comp

comp level type 1 Breakfree(also known as the project oposite assault)

create a level involving assaulting ur way out of an level

comp level type 2 , Jailbanker build an level that involves both jailbreak and bankrobbery , key element if ur put in jail ur need to wait till the timed jails are open (or if ur released) ,

comp level type 3, Survival ctf , build big ctf level with key element first person who survives the maze like level and has the oponents flag and scores win, key element only when 2 teams have the flag both parts will open to show u carnage
this tourny will start right now and gives u time till may the 1st

im still alive yeah

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