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What happened to Jazzie?

If you don't know who Jazzie is, he was an YouTube user that used to make Jazz Jackrabbit (2) OST remixes, mostly known for their Chrysalis remix (I believe it was their most watched video). I've been looking for his remixes a while ago but as much as I tried to find their channel, I just couldn't find it. Then I remembered I posted Jazzie's Technoir remix on my Facebook JJ page (Yes, the page is still up and I'm posting like once a week). However, the video is down, most likely Jazzie deleted their channel. Why, and who was him/her? Does anyone know anything about Jazzie? I might be a dumm dumm and it's just an user from J2O but I couldn't find anything on the internet about this user.

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I'm not so sure the channel is gone -- it says "Unavailable", not "Channel terminated", so the channel could still be out there, just under a different name. Probably with some videos taken down aswell.
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Shortly after his youtube channel went down i, too, searched far and wide for him because his remixes were that awesome but i can't find anything either. I asked reddit a few times but never could find anyone else who had even heard of him until i found this post nearly a year later.
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