Articles Section Information

The articles section in J2Ov2 is quite different than that in J2Ov1. While the old section was a big mess, the new one makes a distinction between outstanding articles and just average articles. However, for this to work there is an article approval process.

Basically submitted articles are looked at by an administrator, who them decides whether they go in the "Approved" or "Unapproved" section. The administrator can also "return" an article, telling the author what changes are needed to make it suitable for approval.

The administrators have the right to edit article content. They may also fix minor errors in spelling, grammar, etc. If an administrator edits an article, a notice will be placed on the article automatically.

Criteria for Approval

  1. The article should be of equivalent quality to J2O static site content. Would the J2O staff want this article on their site? Specific criteria for this is given below.
  2. The article should be informative and detailed. Would other people find this useful? No forum-like posts - we have the JCF for those.
  3. The article should have no spelling errors and minimal grammatical errors. Grammar does not have to be formal, but should be considered correct in casual speech. Would a native English speaker see errors in this article?
  4. The article should have no inappropriate content. This means no swearing, warez, personal attacks, etc - the same rules as everywhere else on J2O. Would this article detract from the overall presentation of the site?
  5. The article should have no personal references without permission of the person. Would anyone be upset or embarassed by this article?
Advantages of Approval
  • Article appears on main articles page
  • Article has a description that also appears on the index page
  • Article has a nicer layout
  • Article is deemed to be high-quality