I am writing this article not for the purpose of telling you how to make a custom J2E file, or where to get the program you may use to make them (it is easy to obtain anyway, if you ask the right people). I am writing this article to inform you of the pros and cons of making your own episode file, and some generall advice on them, as well as some troubleshooting to do with bugs related to them.

Jazz 2 Episode Files

A jazz 2 episode file, or a .j2e, is what JJ2 uses to run single player episodes. They may be accessed from the single player menu, and up to 7 (8 counting Home Cooked Levels) may be on it. They are basically a quick way to access collections of single player levels, and can be useful if your home cooked levels list is crowded or full, like mine is. Otherwise, they are a major pain if you have too many, since accessing the single player menu will automatically crash JJ2. Weither you should use them or not depends on how worthy your level pack really is. Is your pack of extremely high quality? Will people like it? Is it long? If so, many people will have no problems with your inclusion of an episode file. However, if your level pack is unworthy, people will probably be annoyed with you. This is something you must bear in mind, since it could very well affect the review scores if your work.


-When using a custom J2E, make sure you clearly warn people that you are using it, and suggest they remove an older, unused custom J2E to replace the one you are including. Tell them that too many custom episodes will crash jj2.
-Provide an alternate way to access your level pack (if one choses not to use the custom episode you provide) via the homecooked levels list.
-Only use a custom J2E for a level pack with high quality, and make sure the said level pack is well tested, so it doesn’t have any serious problems. Make it professional.
-If you made a TSF episode, tell people to put the J2E file in their TSF folder! I have seen people make the mistake of not mentioning this before, believe it or not. Plus, TSF has a lot more space on the episode selection menu.
-If you are one of those people who likes to make a classy installer program to install the level pack, consider adding a feature in the installer which prompts you if the system the episode is being installed on has too many episode files.


Is jj2 crashing when you try to access the single player episode list? This probably means you have too many episodes. There are a few easy ways to solve this problem. The first method, which I reccomend, is to move or change the file extention of one of your episodes. Change the extention to something like .jj2e so you can still recognise it. Alternatively, you can delete the file. Make sure it isn’t an official episode though! The easiest way to check if it is or not is to simply look at the timestamp. In any case, this will solve the problem if it reduces the number of items the episode list has to 8 or less.


Although some people frown upon custom J2E files, they can be an asset to a level pack, assuming it is justified by the level pack being super-great. If you are unsure on weither you should include the custom episode file or not, don’t include it. If you are pretty sure, go ask someone.

Finally, I would like to say if you happen to have a copy of the J2E maker, do not give it out unless you get to see the level pack someone wants to use it for. Give the program away only if you think the level pack is worthy.


EvilMike on January 24, 2003 06:00

They won’t crash jj2 unless you are ignorant of how they crash it, or do not know the level pack has a j2e file.

Spazzyman on January 24, 2003 06:00

Most of it is done in paint shop pro anyways….you can always make the gfx and ask someone who has the program to compile it into a .j2e….but whatever….nice article :)

American on January 24, 2003 06:00

No level pack is “worth” crashing Jazz 2, in my opinion.

American on January 24, 2003 06:00

I’m aware. But I frequently download things, many of which have episode files. I’m tired of having to clean them up every time when I accidentally unzip them.

DoubleGJ on January 24, 2003 06:00

I think that Devil Dash will be “worth” an episode file, because it is parted to chapters (episodes) and is way long. Plus, I want to joke with the episode images, like Epic (I won’t tell you now… if I’ll get the proggie and learn how to use it, you’ll see yourselves).

Anyway, this is a very wise article. It deserves to be told in news.

DoubleGJ on January 24, 2003 06:00

Sure, but there are some levels left to make. I made about 70 for DD already… o_O

JordanJett on January 25, 2003 06:00

Level episodes are useless. But that’s just my opinion. If you have a problem with having too many levels, then just make a new folder and put all the levels you never use in them so you will still have them as an archive.

DoubleGJ on January 25, 2003 06:00

Is it so hard to take a minute for looking at the file extensions in zip.

DoubleGJ on January 25, 2003 06:00

But episodes make the level pack look exclusive, you have to admit.

Violet CLM on January 25, 2003 06:00

The only use for episode files is for those episodes which Easy/Hard actually make a significant difference, so then people whose Home Cooked Levels list is full can play them that way.

JordanJett on January 26, 2003 06:00

Don’t forget Jazz/Spaz.

CraccoBoy on January 27, 2003 06:00

Can you also make a image that’s right to the levelpack?

Crono on January 28, 2003 06:00

This is pretty (helpful), writing an artical about somthing people cant have, but then thats what J2O’s about, (telling us about errors and how not to cause them. Aren’t Admins wonderful?)

(Possibly wide attack removal edit. ~Violet)

Ninja Dodo on January 29, 2003 06:00

Okay I’ve been wondering about this some time now but I can’t stand it any longer. Enlighten me!

What in the world is 1337?!

axe on January 29, 2003 06:00

What is this about a new jcs or some thing \ the thing i want is that the jazz2 system coukld work with 32 colour mode or higher that means jcs 2 so we can make cool levels with 3d type of tile sets

blurredd on January 30, 2003 06:00

1337 is suppose to be “leet” or something. It’s really a shortened misspelled version of elite.

Crono on January 30, 2003 06:00

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Blackraptor on January 30, 2003 06:00

600|) 4r7|(l3 3v|l/\/\||<3!

Ninja Dodo on February 02, 2003 06:00

First I thought there was something wrong with your keyboard. Then I realized you were actually doing it on purpose… grow up man.

Noob? I’ve probably been around longer than you have.

Anyway, I speak English… it’s quite nice, actually. You should try it.

Stijn on February 03, 2003 06:00

There’s only one person here who should “get a life”, and I think you can guess who.

Nice article… Do you mean that if we think our sp packs are good enough we can ask you for the J2E utility?

Ninja Dodo on February 07, 2003 06:00

Well, you lost me there, Flash.

I ask a question about something I honestly don’t know. In reply, Crono calls me a “pathetic noob”…

… and then <b>I</b> need to get a life?


[edit: Okay, it turns out that Flash wasn’t actually talking about me so my apologies to him for getting angry and everyone just ignore the above misunderstanding]

JordanJett on February 22, 2003 06:00

I can’t beleive you fools are arguing over something as stupid as this. Lives are for livers.

And I do agree that it is useless to make an article about something that you can’t do.

~[GpW]NinjA on March 02, 2003 06:00

Hahahaha you don’t even know elite. This is great.

(Wide attack/Personal attack removal. -Trafton)

BlackDeath on March 13, 2003 06:00

Interesting. Though I think the article is being corrupted by some of the posts below. Elite and d00dsp34k are pathetic in my opinion. Stop using that and learn proper English, like the marvelous article does. However, it does not provide any feedback on how the program works, how you add these number checks to a custom installer and such.

HyStar on March 16, 2003 06:00

Leet talk is not to be used for games who have colors and regedit hax in chat / nicknames.
Leet talk was invented in counterstrike cuz u dont really have another way of making you name look “special”

Ninja Dodo on May 20, 2003 06:00

I just thought I’d point out that any emails to me asking for the program will be ignored. I am just completely sick and tired of it and I don’t know if I’ll even use it anymore myself just so I can avoid getting all those requests for it…

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I just don’t have the time to go and explain to everyone pretty much exactly what’s in this article.

btw I completely agree about “d00dsp34k”. I stand by my statement: GROW UP!

snzspeed on June 04, 2003 06:00

How i make an j2e file?

NOKA on November 28, 2003 06:00

Oh man. I really need that program for my project./\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

DoubleGJ on November 29, 2003 06:00

OK, I think I can ask for it. Enough of Devil Dash was done to make it deserve it.

sonictth on April 22, 2004 06:00

I think this article looses about 50% of its rating becauseyou dont read how toedit these files.

Ðx on November 07, 2004 11:03

I have it

Fiver on May 22, 2005 01:14

Ok I don’t understand… what is the big deal if someone makes a j2e file… are you people realy so incapable to copy the j2e in a diferent folder or to delete it?! Or is it that this program is only for “VIP”… and besides you can make a nother copy of jazz 2 which includes only the home made eps with j2e’s…

WvA on June 21, 2005 11:02

its anoying if you have to delete those things evrytime? I stil have the lost world episode thing without the episode :P

Spaz force on July 25, 2006 05:03

Episode file program!! download!!
custom episode file image!!

Spaz force on July 25, 2006 05:04

저 한국사람인데요 에피소드 파일 만드는 프로그램좀 올려주세요.

TheKax on August 11, 2007 10:09

I\‘m now prgramming a program, wích checks do you have too many episodes, and then you can choose one, and the prog moves it to another folder. I upload it when I get my Loooooooooong episode ready, as it has a J2E file with it.

BTW: Episode contains now 10 long levels, and more is coming… Sigh…

TheKax on August 11, 2007 10:38


Now the prog is ready.

aritra1115 on December 12, 2010 10:32