UPDATED 2:29 PM EST, 08-18-03

OEM is basically a beta version of JJ2. Thanks to Violet for some support. Believe it or not, many bugs were fixed in OEM, but are present in JJ2. It seems all most like this is a newer version of JJ2, sometimes. There are two new weapons, and lots of other stuff. I regret to say that I couldn’t do some further testing (like seeing if the tweedle boss works) because there is no JCS. I can’t open these levels in JCS, either, because they are in .lev format. Anyway, enjoy the article. A lot of you have probably been waiting for this day. ;p I know, I don’t have everything here. There will be future updates, though.

New loading screen
New menu screen
Shooting a turtle results in a richochet
Spaz doesn’t yell when he kicks
You don’t see the points you score “fly” away
The bouncer bug is fixed (going through walls)
New gem sprite
Carrots make the same sound as gems do
Richochets on crates, barrels, springs, etc. work with bouncers
Powered bouncers can stay around much longer (my record is up to 10 seconds)
You blink faster when invulnerable
New JJGOD effect
No sugar rush song
The game uses a real particle effect; in other words, when you kill something, it explodes into bits and peices that are 1 pixel in size, each
There is no boss music
The queen kind of… uhh… bites when you get too close ;p
Richochets make things go further
More boulders come down when the queen stomps
Different textured background
Copters don’t make sound
The toaster sound is quieter
You run through toaster ammo like popcorn
You can all ways grab a carrot
The toaster has a nicer feel to it, and it’s easy to use
The bubble shield bug is fixed (going through walls)
With enough speed, you can make bubbles go extremely fast
Blaster shots don’t go as far
Shooting the swarzenguard with a toaster results in all most immediate death to him
Translucent things are buggy
Freezers don’t stick around for as long
Seekers travel faster
RF’s go faster and stick around longer. Ruxors. ;p However, they don’t go any faster or further when you have a running start. Sux. ;p
Pepper spray is now mini fireballs. They are extremely powerful, and go through enemies, make cool sounds… they’re great.
Seekers are more powerful.
Electroblasters are placed with flying discs that do a little bit more damage than blasters. Other than that, nothing special.
Freezers travel faster
Powered ice doesn’t travel in multiple directions
Powered seekers stay around for a long time
Powered pepper spray is a ruxors purple fireball that does amazing damage.
Powered electroblasters are light blue discs that do 4 damage.
Sand in the beach set looks different
Different water effect… not neccasarilly better, but it lets you see easier.
Crabs explode when killed.
The jungle has a new background. Pretty neat.
Electroblasters can be used to uncover gem stomps.
Floating suckers can be killed in one hit using powered electroblasters (they don’t fall to the ground).
Snow works differently.
You can save battle games.
Buttstomping in battle games does 1 damage.
Sidekicking does 2.
Carcasses don’t dissapear.
Blocks respawn in battle mode, but it’s VERY buggy.
Sidekick roasts don’t count towards your roast count.
The purple circuit boards in tubelectric2 are now maroon, and the bricks are purple.
You can’t wall climb. :O
You drop all the ammo you have of the current gun you have selected when you are roasted.
There is a battle4. It is a diamondus 2 level that is full of TNT. Very nice gameplay.
There is a race4. It sux, though. ;p
No CTF. ;(
There is no treasure3.
You don’t have to fight Devan; you only have to fight him in devil form. However, he has over twice as much health (about 300 points, maybe 400, I think). Normal bosses have 100 hit points.
Levels are in .lev format.


1.) Castle 1 – Normal
2.) Castle 2 – Normal
3.) Carrotus 1 – Uses the night set, instead of the day one.
4.) Carrotus 2 – Uses the day set, instead of the night one.
5.) Labrat 1 – Normal
6.) Labrat 2 – Normal
1.) Colonius 1 – Normal
2.) Colonius 2 – New music
3.) Beach 1 – Switched with Psych 1
4.) Beach 2 – Called “Generic Water Level,” switched with Psych 2, has no boss
5.) Psych 1 – Switched with Beach 1
6.) Psych 2 – Switched with Beach 2
1.) Diamondus 1 – Normal
2.) Diamondus 2 – Normal
3.) Tubelectric 1 – Normal
4.) Tubelectric 2 – Normal
5.) Medivo 1 – Normal
6.) Medivo 2 – Has no boss
1.) Jungle 1 – Normal
2.) Jungle 2 – Normal
3.) Hell 1 – Normal
4.) Hell 2 – Normal
5.) D*mn 1 – Normal
6.) D*mn 2 – Normal


Castle1 – Same
Castle2 – Same
Carrotus1 – Same
Carrotus2 – Same
Labrat1 – Same
Labrat2 – Same
Labrat3 – Same
Colonius1 – Same
Colonius2 – Same
Beach1 – Sand is a different color.
Beach2 – Same
Psych1 – Same
Psych2 – Same
Diamondus1 – Same
Diamondus2 – Same
Tubelectric1 – Same
Tubelectric 2 – Purple curcuit board tiles are maroon, and bricks are purple.
Medivo1 – Same
Medivo2 – Same
Jungle1 – Different background.
Jungle2 – Different background.
Hell1 – Same
Hell2 – In some OEM screenshots, the terrain was red. It is not in the version I played. Same.
D*mn1 – Same
D*mn2 – Same

There is more stuff. I will update this later. Don’t bug me. ;p
I’m not going to give out the link to where I got OEM on J2O, because it’s abandonware, which is illegal. Don’t even ask. ;p

Copyright © LAb RaT k—
gets slapped with a trout
Okay, fine, it’s still copyrighted.
dodges a brick

Oh, yes, there are new demos, too.

This stuff, I thought, was too minor (or I forgot) to put it in.
  • There are no advanced video options.
  • You can’t play in a window.

    MSN me if you want me to send you a 200 kb pack of screenshots of new stuff from the game. Labratkid@hotmail.com

    The version I have is 1.00g. It’s not the version with the monkeys that can climb trees, and the version with red ground in Hell. It’s not the version that doesn’t have Spaz, either.

    (Warez-related content removal. Do not even suggest Warez or the difficulcy involved in getting it again. -Trafton)


JJ Tublear on August 18, 2003 04:00

I won’t be surprised you get flamed for this, and i’ll post this on JCF as well in your topic. First of all, this game does exist on a site, try hard and you’ll find it.

While it is illegal for us people to have it, so is it illegal for you to have it. And nobody cares if it’s illegal, not like Epic cares about Jazz anymore anyway.

Otherwise this is a nice thing you wrote up.

Lark on August 18, 2003 04:00

I agree. If we have the full version, we have the right to have anything that is smaller than the full version.

DanYjel on August 18, 2003 04:00

O M G ! ! !

Michael on August 19, 2003 04:00

Is this for download or just for me to really want something I can’t have?


American on August 21, 2003 04:00

It does not work that way. That is like saying that if you buy a 64” TV you are entitled to all televisions smaller than 64” or any television of the same brand that is older.

Spazzyman on August 22, 2003 04:00

Disagreed Trafton. Its not like you can find 64” TVs on the internet for free. All over (Spyware Package 2003) and things like that. TV is hardware. Software is always pirated. If yours isn’t then your neighbors is. Nice article labrat. I didnt notice the JJGod :) Nifty spinning anim. Yay for 1.00g.

(Content replacement. -Trafton)

American on August 23, 2003 04:00

Your arguement is irrelevant. Obviously, you can not downloading televisions for free. However, does the ability to do it for free make it right? After all, you can do murder for free, but no one thinks that is right.

blurredd on August 24, 2003 04:00

I have to agree with both Trafton and Spazzyman. While it is probably illegal for any of us to download the OEM thing, it doesn’t look like we seem to mind every illegal thing that’s JJ2 related (ie: tileset conversions from other games). Of all the illegal things that are currently being done in the world at the moment, downloading this version of JJ2 couldn’t be one of the worse ones (not to say downloading illegal things is a good thing. Warez is bad. Very bad). Actually, I have an indifferent opinion and thus I agree with no one. I only wonder if Trafton will edit this.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to say something was to comment on the article. I don’t like the way it’s worded saying that “many bugs were fixed in OEM, but are present in JJ2.” It probably happened more like as JJ2 was improved, other things were inadvertly messed up and as a result stopped functioning properly. And you have to recall that the game was rushed so there wasn’t enough time to find any additional bugs (I just felt like pointing out the obviously). Also, some of the things found in the OEM seem to be present in the unpatched versions of JJ2 (or at least for unpatched shareware) such as carcasses not dissapearing and the poweruped ice only shootable in one direction (as I poorly recall). I don’t really know, but it would make sense. And you can save games in offline local splitscreen. Anyway, it’s a good article those who are curious or whatnot, although curiousity can sometimes be a bad thing…

Lark on November 30, 2003 05:00

No. Why would you, anyway, if you have 1.23?

PurpleJazz on September 25, 2006 20:52

What’s Warez?

Violet CLM on September 28, 2006 21:50


Saphir on October 11, 2006 18:06

I have that version.. got it from a CD somehow, didn\‘t D/L it. Would THAT be illegal?

Saphir on October 12, 2006 13:21

EW wtf. I didn\‘t touch the helpful thingy.

zapS on March 05, 2009 21:30

The tweedle boss does not work. :’(

ShakerNL on May 02, 2010 03:43

In version 1.00h the wall in trainer.j2l is higher. In TSF you can jump high enough to get on the forbidden zone of the level ;o

Also the text of \‘Sugar Rush\’ has diffrent colours.

Bouncer ammo can stay for 25 seconds around you. (yes, I tested it)

RF gun doesn\‘t make any sound when it \‘hits\’ air.

If you fire lots of TNT they will all explode at the same moment. (not one-by-one)