JJ2 june 4th 2001 Case kees debuts , jj2 was a very nice comunity to play in in my debut meeting 4 good friends Xan Trunkz(spybunny CC) Dazzler(a cousin), and Elrick(leader of BoD, zo it started off very nice joining a clan called TRS, owned by a player called sniper , not knowing one week later the clan was dying , so i took it over and TrS metamorhped in BRS\BRG best rabbit soldiers \ Best rabbit clan (noobish name) while kicking in with the BRG clan the clan counted 3 old members , i forgotten, the names i later when i left BRG to die , joined a clan JKM the clan lasted 5 months counting 60 members members like Matt Sndr(MC Duck) It Luna(essy) and many more strong fighters, later i was double clanning, 2 clans Beeing elite member leader of Drop and Elite member of the ginyu clan owned by then allready a good friend called mechanic i went in the clan as ginyu Drop

then mid 2002 i left both clans to join Spybunnies RoR(Rabbits of rage clan ) it went very well since at that moment Vasser metamorhped again to Axe as co second leader of RoR to getter with his cousin Axeman (who later deceased after a tragic scooter accident :() 2002 was a terrible year for me i left then RoR to help a guy called Bunnyelmer get a name for his new clan beeing called XD(xtreme dreambunnies) Axe changed then the name to Thermidor\Shaney0 , i left the clan cause it wasnt were my heart was so me and a good friend decided to help The BR> clan(the brothers) by building a co clan of BR> TnT (the national toasters)(lame name we actially stole from TT Total toasters) TnT had good members but it couldnt survive since the strongest leader and foundation of the clan left Spybunny decided to join CC’(craccoclan) a clan i have in that time never heard from , i decided to join BR> as a very loyal member , a month later i left the bastard clan (reason all leaders left the clan) then i decided to take break from jj2 the break that was made began begin 2003 and enden end in the meanwhile as a lone fighter i fighted JDC as axe in jdc6 surprising friends and enemy to proclaim the 37th place ,and at JDC 7 every one saw what type of fighter i was i proclaimed the 27rth place ,

Begin 2004 Shaney returns without a 0 in the name january Shaney join DR (dragoons rage ) to later double betray the clan for XsD and for CD(CD died DR died) i then turned my back against my co leader of CD By betraying him to join in june the 4th the Craccoclan Nick aka maurader hated the clan very bad i didnt care in my CC’ time i returned to JDC at JDC 9 proclaiming 25th place the time in CC’ was very hard PC died talking with the BC (Balcan clan ) my pc died and i was having enough contact (with special, thnx to grytolle by sms , about how CC’ was standing) i returned to jj2 in december 2004\january 2005, later in february leaving CC- :( in a big fight with nimrod , then i was beginnen to shape with master Sven a CC- talent that i just took out the clan without anyone knowing what he was doing to shape RC\RL Revealed legends , RL died and actually became a old clan LB (legendary blades ) the time for me in LB was hard very hard it showed me once again to be a clan leader you need to take pressure like the planning of LB vs CC- and LB vs CC- 2 in jj2wc2 was pretty hard for me Members that didnt show up (IL CC) members that called of the tourney for that fight Saddam LB and Stunner LB Criss was at school , then i knew i had to think of something then in the rematch i luckily had IL at our side and master sven to still be in competition with CC< it didnt work LB died cause the presure of power abuse got the best of us ,Ever since then i havent had a clan didnt care me

TY for your time Greetz from case kees aka vasser aka marine aka MDV aka thermidor aka metallic aka axe aka shaney0 aka shaney aka carlito aka scarpy aka dominatorro and finally aka KeeK VB>(Vasser bross signature)(if you didnt know what the VB> ment)


Grytolle on December 04, 2005 02:01

thx 4 sharing man

Grytolle0 on December 04, 2005 02:02

That\‘s so awesome
(Content clearance. ~Violet))

Violet CLM on December 04, 2005 05:54

Proudly boasting of coming in 37th and 25th is the strangest thing I have seen today, and I watched Goblet of Fire earlier.

Stijn on December 03, 2008 13:48