1. Why don’t the content sections work? (you know, the round buttons at the uttermost top of the page)

These were never finished by our designer. Newspaz recently made some content for them, but we haven’t converted it to j2o format yet.

The about button works, the characters button will feature Newspaz’s content, levels will link to downloads, partymode to games in progress and jcs to Jcs.Ref.

2. Ha! This function doesn’t work. YOUR SITE SUCKS! IT’S BROKE! HAHAHAHA..

Please report bugs to us so we can fix them and improve your site experience.

3. CAN I BE MADE ADMIN?!?!??!?!?!

We don’t take admins normally, only for very good reasons.
However, I might reconsider your offer for a couple of thousand dollars.


EvilMike on October 22, 2001 06:00

Don’t you think this is more suited for a news post? I mean, this really insn’t an aritcle. Usually short things like this get deleted ;P.

Unknown Rabbit on October 23, 2001 06:00

I presume he shall update it if there are any more questions.

FQuist on October 24, 2001 06:00

Unknown Rabbit is right. I don’t want to put this in news as it is not news, and in the news it will only stay visible for a couple of weeks. This is permanent.

EvilMike on October 24, 2001 06:00

You can be an admin if you give ME thousands of dollars. All the other admins don’t count.

Violet CLM on November 02, 2001 06:00

Well, I’m not quite sure how we’re supposed to “contact you”, but this seemed the best way.

Whenever I log in, and press “view your downloads”, it says that no levels are found with the given username. Just not true! :P

Wacky Spaz on January 23, 2002 06:00

Really no section of this site works apart form downloads home page about and a couple more

Bjarni Cool on January 26, 2002 06:00

Fquist can take a back as you are friendly and same time as you are anim and delete posts if all is in trouble or delete all threeds as you seen you are NOT anim anymore. Fquist was say “However, I might reconsider your offer for a couple of thousand dollars.” He meant he can made this people intro normally boy and NOT will give him a anim enegey again.

Bjarni Cool on March 15, 2002 06:00

And he will banned you at soon to! ;-( If only do one little mistakes!

4I Falcon on March 31, 2002 07:00

But downloads are the only things that are important! ;)

must… get… more… stuff…

Bjarni Cool on April 25, 2002 06:00

I donĀ“t want to hurt you or something like that but