What is #jj2?

#jj2 is a so-called IRC channel. IRC is a chat system that works with “channels”. Each channel resembles a chat room, but you need an IRC client(a special program) to go there. When you start IRC, it asks you for a server to connect to. Each server has an unique set of channels, which are created by whoever wants to create one. Each channel starts with a #(#jj2 for example), and there can be only one channel for each name on a server. (There can’t be two #jj2 channels on one server, but you can create one on another server for example)
The “official” #jj2 channel is located at the quakenet server, which can be reached by entering irc.quakenet.org or another official quakenet mirror in the server box of your favorite client.

So how do i get there?

1. Get your irc client at www.xircon.com or www.mirc.com if you use windows, or at http://www.xchat.org if you use linux. (Note: you can also use Trillian, which is an ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and IRC client in one. ;-))
2. In the select/enter server window from whatever irc client you are using, enter irc.quakenet.org as the server. Enter your nickname, E-Mail and whatever other stuff there is to add, and click connect, ok, or whatever else they call that button in your irq client., :)
3a. When the text/console window says it is connected, go to your clien’s menu, click join channel and enter #jj2 in the window that pops up.(or enter /join #jj2 at the text/console window) There. You are in, have fun, :)

Have fun!


FQuist on November 16, 2000 06:00

Also a big point is that because of the number of people in the community that are willing to go there, there is hardly a chance of meeting someone there. I stopped going there simply because of that reason.

Monolith on November 16, 2000 06:00

Unless it is revived again, there’ll probably be nobody there.
From the time it was originally started, it was automaticly un-registered from no use, registered again by The Decline/KillerTomato, in which I was in it most of the time, and there was no more than five people people at one time. It was not long till it was automaticly un-registered again from no use. I registered it again durring one brief IRC meeting with Allanvv, and it probably won’t be long till it gets un-registered for a third time.

The reason for it’s unpopularity (according to what I was told) was the the austnet servers were too slow for half the people. I also stopped going there because I started going to slashnet for other reasons.

Newspaz on November 17, 2000 06:00

Yes monolith, I was going there too at that time, but than suddenly I couldn’t log in anymore. So the fun was quickly over :P

Electric Ir on February 01, 2002 06:00

New updates in #jj2:
Currently we’re hosting #jj2 at irc.quakenet.org at port 6667.

American on November 01, 2002 06:00

PiZZa: It’s likely because you are on the wrong server. ;-P

Canadian778 on January 05, 2003 06:00


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