Nighty Battle Pack

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26 Mar 2002 at 06:00

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Freezolf (More uploads by Freezolf)
Tilesets by Agama and ET

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Night (1.24 MB)

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Wolf Battle.j2l Temple of the Night 3.70 kB 26 Mar 2002
Wolfb2.j2l Night Forest 4.53 kB 26 Mar 2002
wolfb3.j2l Planet of Night 2.67 kB 26 Mar 2002
ETs Planet2 v3.j2t ETs Planet2 v3 83.06 kB 02 Mar 2002
Heaven.j2t Heaven 156.10 kB 26 Nov 2001
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
Night6.mod techead4 67.61 kB 05 Dec 1992
Night2.s3m Amazonas 150.05 kB 20 Feb 1994 Airline 1057.13 kB 30 Jan 2002


3 of my best levels made into battle, all in night fomat.
Don’t known what else to say…:P
[athours note: Levels is small, so i always host them in 10-15 kills]


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Review by Electric Ir

Posted more than 17 years ago
Frog (24 Points)
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Nighty Battle Pack

This file has been uploaded almost a year ago and still nobody bothered to review this one, so I do so now. I think every download should get at least some reviews. This zipfile contains 9 files, of which 3 are levels, 3 are tilesets and 3 are music files. It doesn’t contain a readme file saying which one you should start with, but I suppose that’s Wolf Battle.j2l.

  • Level 1: Temple of the Night *
    There’s a moving background and some clouds passing you by. In my opinion, this is not enough background scenery; you could’ve added some more. The music doesn’t fit the level at all and even if I would’ve listened to it seperately I would dislike it.

You forgot to make the water translucent, so it looks pretty odd. There could’ve been a bit more springs, for example on (3,45). Although it uses Agama’s Heaven set, it doesn’t have a single tile bug so far I have seen.

  • Level 2: Night Forest*

Despite the unoriginal title, the music is better than the other level. The gameplay is average, the ammo placement OK. There are no tile bugs spotted, even though it uses the extremely hard to use Swamps set.

  • Level 3: Planet of Night *
    With a terrific music choice and a good textured background (+ bg scenery) this level has nice ideas, but is too small and I counted three dead ends. However, it’s not bad for its size.

The levels are a bit too small and the first one has a bad music choice.

There are no tile bugs and the last two levels have nice musical support.

The author proves that he can work with JCS but should mind the size of the levels. Nevertheless, if you want to download a small levelpack consisting of three small levels, download it.


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