Easter Battle

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15 Sep 2004 at 16:24

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PHT (More uploads by PHT)
Me, myself and I :D

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Easter Land Readme.txt 1.37 kB 15 Sep 2004
EasterLand.j2l Easter Land 3.72 kB 15 Sep 2004


Hi dudes. This is a small battle level (50×60) which uses a special concept, which is explained in the readme file. :P
I guess someone used that concept before, or a similar one and it’s really nothing special, but I felt like uploading this level so here it is.
I hope you have fun and if you feel like then give me a review.

Oh, and sorry for it being TSF.


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Review by PHT

15 Sep 2004, 17:12
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
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First thing is that I said in the readme that I’m unable to test if the trigger system works in Internet mode because I’m unable to play over the internet. So that’s possibly not my fault. Second thing is the start position + text strings are hardly reachable and it is nearly impossible to kill someone from there with your blaster, also for that stuff I put a full energy carrot inside every weapon room. The room with the fast fire gun instead of powerup has no powerup because TNT powerup doesn’t work correctly. The thing with weapon rooms are unfair could be right, though (<— spelled right now?) the room with the Ice Powerup not only has RFs, it also has the RF POWERUP. Also seeker room has only one weapon instead of two.
No TNT in battle, heck you are right that’s my fault.
Design? OK, I see it’s not really great. Sorry.
For the eyecandy I do not agree with you, at least I don’t agree it’s buggy because there are no tilebugs I could find, also on the bottom it’s not dull, on the platforms it’s hardly possible to put eyecandy. I don’t know why layer 3 gets confusing for you, because all the stuff (except a few) is before walls which shouldn’t disturb anybody.

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