Power Shortage

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8 Oct 2004 at 10:08

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Andrew (More uploads by Andrew)
Single player

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power.j2l Power Shortage 6.62 kB 08 Oct 2004


Just a level I whipped up in a day or so… play with lighting ON (hence the name).

It’s short, but it’s long enough to keep one entertained for a while, I guess. Enjoy!


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Not recommendedReview by PHT

8 Oct 2004, 16:50
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness83%

Yaih Single Player! :D

The eyecandy was very boring, there are always the same tiles used. Also there could be some foreground stuff, or maybe one or two background layers. No original ideas, but at least no tilebugs.
Pros: No tilebugs
Cons: Very boring eyecandy, always the same tiles used, no creativity
Rating: 4.0

The gameplay is not bad, nothing spectacular though. You run through corridors filled up with thousands of suckers and some lizards. People that like action-packed levels will probably like this. Puzzle-oriented players will really miss the puzzle elements. The only one is collecting 20 coins for the coin warp. That’s too less I think, there should have been more. The rest of the level is fine, though may boring for some.
Pros: Not too easy, not too hard, I liked the boss fight
Cons: Probably needs some more original ideas, maybe too less puzzle elements for some
Rating: 6.0

Ammo placement:
The ammo placement was good, you don’t get too many weapons and also not too less. It was balanced and it didn’t make the level too easy. Sometimes it was really hard to get.
Pros: Very good placement, hard to get in most situations
Cons: Probably too less ammo for some
Rating: 7.0

Enemy placement:
In this level the author used a major advantage of floating suckers and floating lizards: Normal enemies often loose fastfire, carrots, etc. when being shot. Floating suckers + lizards do that too, but if they are placed over spikes hardly anybody will buttstomp them (after they were shot down) to grab things because with this tactic they’d die really fast. This makes the level challenging which is a good thing. The problem of the enemy placement is that there are too many enemies. Just too many.
Pros: Author used an intelligent strategy for making it challenging
Cons: Often too many enemies in one spot
Rating: 6.2

There aren’t any bugs except one: The safepoint is placed next to a wall, which ‘causes that you get stuck in it if you die. That’s annoying and could easily be avoided. Other than that I found nothing.

Eyecandy: Needs improvement
Gameplay: OK
Ammo placement: Good
Enemy placement: OK
Bugs: OK

Overall this is not a spectacular level, but it is also not bad. People that like actionpacked levels that aren’t too easy will probably like this. Others can maybe download it, but they don’t need. Because I’m undecided about download recommendation I will give a N/A.
I think a 6.2 fits.

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Not recommendedReview by Mercury

16 Oct 2004, 09:31
Frog (17 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness100%

Ok, here we go.

Story: 0/5
No story, a pity. Stories make the level fun, makes you feel that there’s some point to play the level.

Originality: 4/5
There were some original elements in your level, e.g. you get an airboard if you have enough coins. Good!

Gameplay: 35/50
The flow of the level is good. It is short, though, too short. Make your levels a little bit longer. Your level is a little boring, put some more variety in it (hooks?). Also, it is too dark. I like the collapsing surprises, though, and the boss fight too, which makes the level more interesting. Ammo placement is good, some seekers and toasters. They are useful, because you can beat up the overcrowded sucker population on the spiky floor. What is missing, as PHT said, are puzzles, apart from the coin warp. Why did you put wind left at one collapsing floor point? What is the point? Secrets: a few, but not many. You could add some more. Gameplay bugs: You can shoot the six coins to the left side of the level and then you can’t get them anymore. Avoid this by placing a wall. And other gameplay bugs I couldn’t really find. And oh yeah, I like the fact that there’s a difference between easy and hard mode.

Jcs/tileset use/eyecandy: 18/30
Tileset choice is okay. You have left quite a few tiles unused. What about those eyecandy things for layers 1,2,6 and 7? You could have done something with those layers. Some eyecandy is there: the basic things, but not outstanding.

Music choice: 3/5
Okay, the tube song of jj1. I do think you could have found a more interesting one.

General Impression: 4/5
A nice level, but needs some improvements.

Total score: 64/100

A fine level. No download recommendation, I’m afraid.

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