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28 Nov 2004 at 17:49 (Minor update on 28 Nov 2004)

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CrazyFox...IceCream (More uploads by CrazyFox...IceCream)
Single player
Tileset by Agama, Levelproduction by IceCream & CrazyFox

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jungleswamp.zip (1.19 MB)

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A_Swamps1.j2l Like a monkey... 12.00 kB 26 Nov 2001
Jungleswamp.j2l Jungleswamp 13.09 kB 28 Nov 2004
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
SwampsE.j2t Swamps Evening 196.33 kB 11 Nov 2001
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
ascent.s3m "Ascent of the Cloud Eagle" 800.55 kB 13 Apr 1995


Hi!! It`s our first level that we created so please don`t rate it so hard. We hope that you will like it ;).

The zipfile has the level, the musicfile, the tileset and the testlevel from the tilesetin it.


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Review by PHT

19 Feb 2005, 14:49
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness83%

Played with: Jazz
On difficulty: Medium
Playing time: 20 minutes

Starting Comments:

This upload was left blank without review, so I clicked ‚Download’ and played.


The concept of this level is to find crates to open doors. To get a crate, you must solve a parcours. Each has different obstacles. For example, in one you’re getting morphed to a frog and need to jump over enemies to find Eva. Another one is an airboard test, with annoying floating suckers. Overall the concept is not bad, but some things just don’t fit to a jungle, which destroyed the atmosphere. For example, why do the green leaves in the airboard test beam you back? A bad point of the level is ammo placement, on which I can be really short: There’s NO ammo. That means you have to get through the whole level with your blaster. The enemies were often placed in strategical places, but sometimes in an unfair way. In the airboard test I mentioned above I often could decide: Either get hurt by a sucker or get warped back. Overall not bad, though it could be better. Also I’ve seen most of the stuff in here before.

Score: 6.2


Some parts, especially the airboard thingy were freaking annoying, because they were unfair, while others like the frog parcour were pretty easy. That made the level very unbalanced. Same with enemy placement. Some enemies were placed well (=they have an advantage, but can be countered), while others were unfair. If the level was more balanced, it would’ve been more fun I think.

Score: 5.5


The concept was not amazingly original, but at least it’s not a standard “find teh exit and kill tha boss” level. Most things in here I have seen plenty of times before though. Nothing more to say.

Score: 6.5


The eyecandy was good. Not amazing, but the set was used well and I saw no tilebugs. Some more foreground stuff would’ve been nice, but it’s good the way it is. Again, nothing amazing though.

Score: 6.7

Fun Factor:

The unbalancedness of the level has really hurt the fun factor, aswell as the “I’ve seen that before” effect. It was not bad, but I’ve had more fun with other levels. Nothing more to say.

Score: 6.2


Not bad as first level, though it really needs to be more balanced. A story would be nice too, because there was no real reason why I am doing this at all. The eyecandy was well done, though not amazing.

The authors have asked to not to rate this too hard, but I’m rating this like everything else, otherwise it would be unfair.

Not a bad level at all, though several things need to be improved on. Download if you like.

Score: 6.0

Download Recommendation: N/A

PS: No offense, just one thing I’d like to tell you, a sentence like “Find the crates to get to the exit !!!!” looks and sounds a lot better with only one explanation mark.

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