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2 Mar 2005 at 21:18

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Danyjel (More uploads by Danyjel)
Bobby The Awesome a.k.a. Mr Allen

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i want to kill myself, when i hear how the lead sample is similar to nwcryst. it just shows how nwcryst is awesome piece…

now, guess remix of what it could be…


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Review by MaliceX

3 Mar 2005, 10:25
Frog (11 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings11 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

For an IT module, that’s a bit way too many channels to be used as a maximum. (Then again, I never knew how they were made.)

Samples: 9/10
Okay, personally I like the selection of samples used, but there’s something about the sample (that squarey one that plays the saw melody in the original version) that doesn’t quite sound right. Good sample, but personally it doesn’t fit with the rest of the song’s pace. Other than that, all of the other sounds are excellent, even though you decided to re-use one of them from the original s3m.

Structure: 9/10
A little derived to the exact same pace of the original, but the extension and some note arrangements kind of worked out real well. (Extended, and doesn’t sound repetitive, to me anyway) Despite the high number of channels, the melody is well-developed as it progresses. Not bad for a re-sampled remix.

Umm… (can’t think of anything else to rate.)

Yeah, 9 outta 10. :)

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RecommendedReview by Ðx

15 Mar 2005, 15:04
Carrot Juice Addict (330 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings332 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness26%

Awsome done, the music fits with levels, its originel and new to jj2 ( the style ). I like it and used more. The structure is nice, samples used OK.
Mayby make a lvl and include it, so whe can hear if its fit. I am not a MUSIC reviewer but this is very nice.

Rating: 9.2
Dr? Yes

- Dx

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RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

18 Mar 2005, 01:40
Way better than Aiko (861 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Another great song by Danyjel.

Crysilis is an overremixed song. I see so many remixes of it and tubelectric. But this one is a good remix.

It starts off catchy and I like the rhythm of it. The lead does remind me a bit of NWCryst, although I don’t like it too much. Some channels like 20 and 21 are kinda boring, but its partially the original song’s fault because those parts in it where boring too.

I like the samples (especially the ones introduced in the few beginning patterns), and the song lenght is about average (3min50sec).

Even though my review sounded a big negative I still really like this song, and will keep listening to it in my mod playlist =D.

Good Job and keep making remixes!

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RecommendedReview by Joseph Collins

10 Mar 2009, 22:22 (edited 10 Mar 09, 22:27)
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings75 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness62%

At the risk of getting beat-up in the parking lot outside of Shoney’s, I’m going to review one of Danyjel’s pieces of music again. Bear with me. This could get MIGHTILY ugly.

==================Simple Review==================
Base Score: 5/10

Point Bonuses: +1
[+1] Strong start! Very pretty lead-in for the song…

Point Deductions: -1
[-1] …but that’s about it.

Final Score: 5/10
Everything else is pretty bland. In short, it’s “just another Crysilis arrangement” which has nothing new to offer.
=================Extended Review=================

Song Analysis:
The song kind of leads you into a false sense of security. It starts off strong with a beautiful piano melody, but it doesn’t take very long for it to slip into a crystal-induced coma. What I mean by that is that basically, it’s your average, run-of-the-mill Crysilis arrangement. That doesn’t mean it’s a BAD piece of music, mind you. On the contrary, it’s a very FINE piece of music. An improvement on the source material, but ultimately, it’s also nothing to write home about…

Sample Analysis:
The samples are (no pun intended) crystal clear and very pleasing to listen to. The samples are also used very well, helping improve on the source material while retaining the feel of the original tune.

Final Analysis:
It’s definitely worth a listen and I could easily see this working in a crystalline stage of some kind, be it Crysilis or somewhere else.
Your friendly neighborhood S3M/MIDI artist, Joseph “Doc Lithius” Collins

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