Jazz Jackrabbit - Orchestal Arrangation

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22 Jun 2005 at 15:11 (Minor update on 23 Jun 2005)

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DoubleGJ (More uploads by DoubleGJ)
Original melodies by Robert A. Allen, Alexander Brandon and Manfred Linzner

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JJOrchestra.it JJ Orchestral Arrangation 376.40 kB 23 Jun 2006


This is not a remix. Instead, this is a collection of few songs from the Jazz Jackrabbit series (mainly JJ1) put together with orchestral samples. The list of songs is in the file, however, I suggest reading it after you’ve heard the whole tune – try to guess yourselves what melodies do you hear! Oh, by the way – the whole arrangation is over 11 minutes long, so make sure you have some time to spare if you’re about to write a review.

EDIT: Removed one sample. Somehow MPT didn’t save my hard work on fixing it’s looping, and since it was in only one place, I decided to get rid of it.


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Not recommendedReview by Haze

22 Jun 2005, 20:56
Frog (12 Points)
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… ouch. It’s horribly out of tune. No, really. A novel idea, I’ll give you that. But it sounds like absolute hogwash like this.
I for one know you can do a lot better than this. And maybe an orchestral arrangement is just not the thing for you. If you do however want to pursue something in the direction of another orchestral arrangement, try looking up some more information. Especially when doing something like this it’s handy to know where each instrument is positioned in an orchestra and what it can and cannot do. (think of real instruments and how they are played)

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Review by Lark

23 Jun 2005, 00:31
I might as well work here (500 Points)
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I pretty much agree with Haze. I just want to make some suggestions.

This song has some potential, but I can tell it’s mostly a copy and paste job from the original songs, which is okay, as long as you change around the way the notes are used to fit the instrument. I see countless places where a tone portamento or offset should be used, but is absent. You should also make sure to change around the key of the samples. Two different samples could have different initial keys when first loaded, so you’ll have to test them out by ear and then manually adjust. Most of what I hear in this song sounds really offkey.

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Review by Joseph Collins

1 Jul 2005, 05:58
Turtle Goon (88 Points)
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. . .I think my ears are bleeding. I’d go through with an actual review, but I’m entirely sure that Haze said everything I was going to say and even gave the score I was thinking of. So. . .yeah. Maybe I’ll go through with an actual review if this picks up enough steam and ratings.


The “Simon Cowell” of Jazz 2 Online‘s Music Scene. . . Joseph Collins
Dr Lithius” or “LithiuServer” on Jazz 2

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