The Madness2 Reloaded

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20 Nov 2005 at 21:13

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iluz (More uploads by iluz)
Single player
I'd like to thank the maker of dtn voic

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Madness2.j2l The Madness reloaded 2.53 kB 20 Nov 2005
dtn-voic.xm 762.40 kB 06 Apr 1999


Madness two is here. Prepare to drive crazy.


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Not recommendedReview by n00b

29 Dec 2005, 00:44
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
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Ok, so I’m a month late.
Anyways, this here level is a sequel to a pretty bad test level. It seems Illuz took ALL of my suggestions. Gone are the lush, open, elliptic spaces. They are replaced by green, small, linear areas.
The level starts with 3 routes(there may be more I couldn’t tell) each on easier than the last. I found a frog route, which was near murder, because the frog can’t attack and he’s bombarded by air and land enemies. Which isn’t too bad on paper, but since the air assault is from bees, and the areas are too small to actually jump over anything, it’s pretty bad in execution.
An alternate route turns you into a hip-hop and you go to an area that is rather open, but stuffed with float lizards and spike bolls, so it doesn’t matter. I think I only lost two hearts there.
The final route I discovered, was Jazz/Spaz/Lori(the ideal character being SPaz, more on that in a sec) falling down a pit with lot’s of dragonflies. If you buttstomp, theres no challnge. All 3 routes lead to a warp where you have to copte ear down another pit with more spike bolls. The pit leads to a water sequence where you dodge fish in linear tunnels. The water sequence leads to some overly long sucker tube finale, which then leads to the exit. This seems like it was built with the original flashing blocks, because the ending says “Ah my eyes, the madness is over!” Which leads to a normal looking Tubeelectric level.
The ending screams “NO SEQUEL!” And I say good riddance. The level design went from Open to Claustraphobic, and the eyecandy went from Flashy(literally) to dull.
But hey, it’s better than the original.

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