Dar Groove Rock

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30 May 2006 at 21:42

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Fearofdark (Aka Me!)

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FODDarkgrooveRock.xm Dark Groove Rock 896.61 kB 30 May 2006


I tried making Dark Groove into funk but the song was too tricky to remix ninto that style and I couldn’t see Dark Groove being a funk tune anyway. So here it is in the next best thing, Rock. It still has a funk beat to it and the samples come from the same place (see Castle Funk or Hell Freezes over funk to find out where). This uses 66 samples and is yet surprizingly smaller than Castle funk.

Anyway, enjoy for now until my next mix is done! I’m thinking of doing Labrat:)


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RecommendedReview by DanYjel

31 May 2006, 15:10 (edited 31 May 06, 19:56 by Danyjel)
Jazz Jackrabbit (215 Points)
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Slow (maybe, in some places, a bit ambient) rock re-arrangation of Dark Groove track.
Even I don’t like rock, this… made me feel nice after this f***ing bad day. So, quick review.

The samples are fairly good (some original are used, but they fit), except for really bad electric guitar looping (very well hearable in patterns 29 – 38). Slow funky/rock rhythm is okay but I’d add some transitions, because I really missed them in this song. Next thing I dislike are patterns 13 – 16, it looks like you had to use all melodies from the original. But. But. But.

The improvisations. In one word, Zomg. Improvisations perfectly coming from original, I have no words here, you MUST listen to it. In one word, awesome. Bravo. Etc.

The bassline is made perfectly, the overall structure is also okay. Although it’s a bit repetitive sometimes. But what. Go and download it, it’s a worth of it. Especially when you love rock… You’ll enjoy…

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