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9 Oct 2006 at 22:15 (Minor update on 14 Oct 2006)

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Invaision.j2l The Begining 10.36 kB 14 Oct 2006
Invaision2.j2l The Seurs 7.37 kB 14 Oct 2006
Invaision3.j2l The Town OF the dead 7.78 kB 14 Oct 2006
Invaision4.j2l The cave Of The dead 3.93 kB 14 Oct 2006
MegaMegatropolis.j2t Mega Megatropolis 541.36 kB 30 May 2003
AMBIENTtwist.xm ambient twist 570.79 kB 06 Jun 1998
radix-tpolmboy.xm tpolmboy 31.34 kB 07 May 2002
DEMONIC.MOD Demonic Sensation 403.95 kB 28 May 1994


This is my first level i posted here for a few months. In this mini seris Jazz wonders why theres bad guys in these formerly peace full towns, join jazz as he finds out why theres bad guys in those towns. Fight your way through 4 levels and find out whos behind the badguys.
these levels are probly my best levels yet.


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Review by DennisKainz

19 Oct 2006, 17:07 (edited 19 Oct 06, 17:19 by I AM A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE PLEASE CALL THE POLICE IF YOU SEE ME)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

I started playing this. It is pretty good. There are many enemies. It makes game challenging. It seems that Devan (Jazz doesn’t know it’s HIS fault) has removed some parts of the city and the world (a cute way to say “MISSING BACKGROUND”). There is a roof. If you fall, you don’t get the bonus which is at the end of the roofs. More enemies. More challenging. Then I walk a way made from grass. Then I go into the Sewer. The thing that makes this frustrating is the lack of light. I need JJLIGHT to play this. There is a “Lizard Town” which is the lizards lair. Later I get out. Mmmh… It can be completed. There are enough carrots. I had average fun. Then i find another town (Jazz seems tired of towns). Then he gets in an underground haunted creep. He fights skeletons. Then he gets in a cave. He has to fight more and more. He finds that the usual Devan has made this invasion. And the boss is the USUAL, FRUSTRATING DEVIL DEVAN. Why don’t you try using my custom boss formation (if it’s possible)? This deserves a 6 for me. I’m not sure if this should be downloaded or not. i think both you and me should both work on our English.

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Review by Ischa

10 Oct 2006, 15:32
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating Invaision

This is very well level-episode. Although it has some shortcomings, there is still sufficient fun.

Four good levels
In, around, on and under cities you must take off in four levels. There could always more come there, but these levels are fairly large and here and there considerable difficult.

Good things and shortcomings
The eyecandy is reasonable, but unfortunately here and there extremely difficult. Especially if you sit under the ground. That makes the levels very difficult, certainly for beginning Jazz Jackrabbit 2-players. That is a pity.
Moreover there is a bug at the fight with Devan Shell: he can jump away. If you a little bit to far from Devan, you must start entirely again with the fight.
Nevertheless there are also positive things. The levels contains a good number of bonusses. The enemies are good placed and sometimes is also complete funny what the rabbit ‘says’.

This episode certainly have a number of shortcomings.
But there is also a charming side: de text is lively, the enemies are good placed and there are enough bonusses. Fans of amuse theirself certainly with the episode. But for beginning JJ2-players this is no download recommendation.

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Review by TheKax

10 Oct 2006, 13:43
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

“Jazz thinks caves are boring.”
download this!

BUGS (and only bugs…)

I am not going to rate it. I think it’s very cool. Idea of this level(s) is good.

Just one thing about making levels:
fix bugs.

here’s few buggies:
-in level 1 some walls are only on layer 3, that makes little holes in real walls.
-In some caves you can get stuck.
-Sewers arer too dark. Enemies can’t be seed. And it hurts.
-The devan boss. the battlearena is small, too small. Devan can fall of the arena. Also you can escape from the arena. (not good boss.)

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