Knock 'Em Off!

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16 Jul 2007 at 21:56 (Minor update on 27 Aug 2020)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)

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keo.j2l Knock 'Em Off! 2.60 kB 31 Jul 2007
xlmdamn1.j2t Damn + Day 225.35 kB 25 Dec 2006
ut_kharisma.j2b Kharismatron 1206.55 kB 09 Mar 2007


Play it with split computers. This game is very simple: knock your opponents out of the stage four times! Then he/she will be gameover. It’s not allowed to shoot, buttstomp, kick or something like that. Only bumping is permitted. If someone does this, he must be disqualified immediately! This game is simple, but good!

This pack contains:

  • a brand new type of Battle Game
  • a beautiful arena with background. I was three days busy with it!
  • a very good tileset
  • background music
  • a pool of lava to fall in
  • and so much more!

Download it today! Have fun with it! And do not forget to leave a rating!


P.S. It was not possible to say who is the creator of the tileset on the stage. So I will say it here:

Tileset by: Purplejazz

Major Change: removed the apostrophe in the filename, now you can download the episode.
Major Change: now there are platforms and traps.


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Not recommendedReview by Kalle[PoL]

17 Jul 2007, 12:14 (edited 18 Jul 07, 20:50)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
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hmmmm, that looks as if you have spent really a lot of time into this project. ;)
But seriously… It isn’t that special. The eyecandy isn’t bad, but it could have been also much more interesting. The cave looks way too linear in my opinion.
The idea of pushing the other into the lava isn’t too good either. Espacially because you can avoid falling down very easy on this arena.. Maybe you could place some traps (e.g. springs that push you into the lava, collapsing or disappearing scenary,etc). And I think it would be better to make more small platforms, so you need to jump from one platform onto the other. Then this gametype would be more challenging and it would offer some more tactical possibilities.

So for now it really isn’t that great as it sounds in the description.

DR? – Not yet, improve your gametype.

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