PIT Eragon

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14 Aug 2007 at 11:31 (Minor update on 7 Oct 2008)

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Readme.txt 0.21 kB 14 Aug 2007
PITEragon.j2l PIT Eragon 2007 2.75 kB 14 Aug 2007
CityoftheEragon.j2t CityoftheEragon 81.74 kB 13 Aug 2007


im building new tileset ;)
Only Carrotade (Pit level)
You comment please! ;D


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Not recommendedReview by FawFul

24 Aug 2007, 11:08
Turtle Goon (56 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness85%

First Review!=D



1.You cant fill up the background(-0,3)

2.the colors are a bit ripped(-0,3)

3.you have forgot IMPORTANT things like vines, tubes, and poles(-0,3)

4.tileset could have more tiles

5.things in city eyecandy are black painted this automaticly DONT HAVE ANY COLOR

6.u made shooting blocks but i think there awful :/ there build with 3 colors…, the colors are a bit ripped(-0,1)


1. the bricks are good idea and nice for me(+2)

2.masking is Perfect for me :D(+3)

TOTAL SCORE= 3 + 2 = 5 – 1.5 = a 3.5 :/


No… not this time ;/


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RecommendedReview by KolakCC

14 Aug 2007, 16:13 (edited 17 Aug 07, 14:54)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

First review! :D Going to review Tileset & level.

I’ve found a few tileset bugs, such as on the city at the bottom. What is the point of the big space in between the two identical cities?

The star could be a bit more star-like on the left bottom side.. The tileset deserves a 8.5.

If you do hit the scen crate, its too easy to fall in after that… Its a little hard to get the crate anyways!
You have to shoot some blocks 23573459762957239573466958 times just for the trig crate thats hard to break anyways because its next to the ceiling.. that means its hard for all chars to break. And whats the point of sticking the p UPs in undestructable blocks ? if you didn’t know how to drill, it would rather… unfortunate. the eycandy was a little over done, with the windows and credits. (Just a note, not including in rating until i get an answer, things with a delay of 5 won’t respawn?) Rating: ~5.5

The gameplay was rather nice and with instagib and team battle it would be fun. Rating, 6.0. DR? Go ahead.

@birdie “When rating tilesets, the level is not included in the rating, the level is just to give the reviewer an idea of how the tileset can be used.”
its not marked as tileset ;\

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Not recommendedReview by Birdie

16 Aug 2007, 18:23
Bee Boy Swarm (35 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews5 Average helpfulness80%

If you gave this tileset 8.5 I belive you have very low standards.

So… The review. (I wasn’t going to complain and then not leave a review myself. ;D)

This is a tileset that can be found in many tilesets, (mostly first tilesets) some bricks of rather poor quality. Why are they poor quality? Because they’re texture less, and they don’t tile vertically properly. Eragon might want tot consider making all of the bricks the same size to increase realism, also doing more then just a few brush-strokes of work on the bricks. The tileset contains some three tiles that can be used for background bricks. They do contrast the color of the normal bricks, but you should probably try to make the mortar (stuff holding the bricks together) more apparent, as I had to put my face a few inches from my screen to see it. There are windows, shutters, and some unidentifiable yellow stuff. That is the tileset. Except of course if you count the 290 tiles of ‘eyecandy’ which is actually an image of a city that was obviously copy and pasted from a photo.

Now for the level.

When rating tilesets, the level is not included in the rating, the level is just to give the reviewer an idea of how the tileset can be used.
Just a note, Don’t password levels like this, it’s too much work for the reviewer, and I ended up having to hack the password away to view the level. The reason people password levels anymore is beyond me.

All in all, this tileset is very much like many peoples first tilesets. You might want to consider making another one, with a more distinct theme and more time spent, with more actual tiles to use.

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Review by DarkBunny

17 Aug 2007, 10:30 (edited 17 Aug 07, 12:49 by Cooba)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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Im darkbunny
Im a player off Jazz
LOL ;)
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