Desert Trench Warfare 2

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1 Mar 2008 at 17:18

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Valco (More uploads by Valco)
Capture the flag
Gerard244 (Valco), EvilMike
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battlefielddesert.j2l Desert Trench-Warfare 6.94 kB 01 Mar 2008
JJ1Deserto.j2t JJ1 Deserto 76.77 kB 08 Aug 2004
Deserto.j2b 71.66 kB 08 Aug 2004


Hello everybody. This is the improved version of a pack I previously uploaded to J2O, Desert Trench Warfare. This level features an identical layout, but more powerups, ammo that’s floating instead of in crates, and a debugged trigger system.


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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

17 Mar 2008, 19:27 (edited 17 Mar 08, 19:31)
Jazz Jackrabbit (256 Points)
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This level would be probably more popular if it wasn’t for TSF only. Anyway, it seems to be a quite decent piece of work, using the JJ1 Deserto tileset conversion.

In ‘Desert Trench-Warfare’ the gameplay is mostly molesting narrow tunnels or fighting above large sand dunes. The flow of course in a level like this wouldn’t be the easiest. The fact that there isn’t a certain spring or float up assisting you with moving might make you wonder; “how the heck am I able to move in a level this large then?” Well, the level only feels large because of it’s width. There isn’t really a lot of heighth in it. But even in the tunnels you will be needing your jump all the time, because stone bricks and other scenery slow down your movement. As well, there are triggered tunnels that give a nice twist to the layout. Outside, you instead are able to move easier, but then you are already in a dangerously open area, especially if you are chased. Bases lie in the very edges of the level obviously, meaning you come to a dead end when capturing or scoring. Technical problems are the lack of complete mask on the edges of the levels, causing capture-bug, as well badly masked walls that are easy to get stuck into.

Eyecandy is appreciateable, but could be improved a lot. There isn’t a textured background, which doesn’t matter everyone though. The default mountains are in the background as well. Solid wall seems often just bland plain sand, although there are dunes here and there. More waterfalls could probably enhance the looks of the black tunnels, but perhaps that wouldn’t fit to the theme.

Healing yourself here seems to be quite a hard task with a lot of players. There are 3 PowerUps for Toaster, Bouncer, and RF-missiles. Also those are the only ammo you will find from the level. Mostly from your path in the tunnels, but also basements contain ammo wisely for defending. As ammo can be that effective, you will find it really difficult to heal yourself with just two minor carrots, eventhough they spawn during ten seconds.

After all, this level could work for real games and stuff, would be just have to be made sure that no player touches the edges with flag. Luckily that is unlikely to happen accidentally. I would probably like this level much if the technical bugs were removed, eyecandy was boosted majorly and the tactical side of the level was more balanced. So far this good. I would say it is worth it for fun-gaming anyway, so download it this once. Keep up progressing Valco!


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