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15 Jun 2008 at 11:02

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$killer cz (More uploads by $killer cz)
By killer [CZ]

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Battle (469.45 kB)

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thx.txt 0.09 kB 15 Jun 2008
battle1.j2l CZ battle1 3.00 kB 15 Jun 2008
BattleShipsBl.j2t BattleShipsBL 45.64 kB 30 Apr 2008
JJ1 Battleships.xm Integer 590.23 kB 04 Feb 2005


Please! play in HIGH detail 16bit colour 640×480!


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RecommendedReview by PT32

15 Jun 2008, 14:31 (edited 18 Jun 08, 16:35)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
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Hmm…I’m afraid that your level, while it does have its points, it needs some work. Allow me to explain…
You watched your masking pretty well, but the quality of the level was in dire need of repair. What’s with that pit to the far left? Why is there always 2 [or 4 or 6 or 8…] of every powerup in the same place?! Even I know that’s a no-no. So, weapon placement was OK, but you definitely went overboard with all the powerups. That’d be a real killer in a battle situation. ;(
Good tileset. I like how its designer found a new set of colors that fit together. Music was mildly funny, too. You made sure that in all—couch, cough, most places you didn’‘t overruse any tiles, but you mostly distributed them pretty well. I liked how in the shaft near the blaster powerup[s] you used the little “x“es. It was creative on your part. However, in the part with all the RF powerups, you used tooo many of the big “x“es. You would do well to pitch some of those.
One of the best points [I think] in this level is that there’s not really any buggyness! At least, not that I could detect. This’ll get you some points, to make up for all the other ones you unfortunately lost. Nice going!
Ah yes, and this is another big problemo. No eye candy whatsoever, and this makes me gasp in profound shock. Why didn’t you add any eye candy to your level?!! You could have at least done us a favor. You could have made little ships flying in the background, or maybe some alien structures floating slowly in the coldness of space. Try and do a little work here, please?
I didn’t run into any problems running the level, which is always a good thing. At least you got the level to work properly. I do not know if this level will work in 1.23, but remind me to test it out someday and I will. It doesn’t look like it’d cause any problems in 1.23, and it surely worked in TSF. Oh bother, I’ll look into it someday.
so, to finish up my longest [ever, to date] review ever, let me point out a few things… You done well with your level, even if it needs work. I like to say that a little creativity goes a long way. Next time, however, try making a different battle game, as everybody seems to be making their own versions of battle game 1 these days. Work on the things I pointed out, and you’ll be just fine. It never hurts to go back and fix up an area that needs help, if it’ll save you much in the long run. The music fit just fine, don’t change it. The tileset fit just fine, don’t change it. The concept was just fine, don’t change it. Just remember to fix up the amount of tiles you overrused, the excess powerups, the wierd and strange pit at the single player start [yay! you put one in!], and add some muchly needed eye candy, and I think you’ll be back in business! Good luck to you, and remember that criticism in the negative sense can help you discover inconsistencies. Don’t let it get you down. You’re not a bad level maker, this level simply needs work. Readers, if you want to download this, go right ahead. Even if this is a poorly built level, it’s still an okay one, and it’s definitely usable, even if it needs repair. See you around, kids!

Aw heck, I’ll give you a 10% boost, just for the effort. :)

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