Are You Puzzled?

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30 Nov 2008 at 14:26 (Minor update on 24 Sep 2010)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)
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puzzle1.j2l Dungeon Puzzle 3.62 kB 30 Nov 2008
puzzle2.j2l Morph Puzzle 1.77 kB 30 Nov 2008
puzzle3.j2l Switch Puzzle 2.35 kB 30 Nov 2008
puzzle4.j2l Pyramid Puzzle 4.45 kB 30 Nov 2008
puzzle5.j2l Final Puzzle 5.06 kB 30 Nov 2008
Egypt.j2t Egypt (day) 223.15 kB 28 Jun 2001
j1crysilis.j2t j1Crysilis 57.19 kB 29 May 2001
MPlant.j2t Manufacturing Plant 37.10 kB 23 Jan 2006
SanctuaryOfTheVampire.j2t Sanctuary Of The Vampire 160.17 kB 29 Dec 2003
vampire.xm The Head Hunter 523.98 kB 28 Dec 2003
zarathus.xm ZARATHUSTRA by DRAX 494.94 kB 13 Aug 1997
2unlimit.mod 4 unlimited 317.67 kB 01 Jan 2000
Chrysilis.s3m ush (maxi re-mix) 109.92 kB 07 May 2000


Devan Shell is back! This time he challenges Jazz to see who is the smartest: turtle or rabbit?

To decide who is the smartest a notary and the Queen have created five puzzles. If you have completed the final puzzle before your opponent, you are the winner.

Devan’s time is very fast (because he is a very clever turtle of course), but which time will Jazz, Spaz and Lori have? It’s up to you!

This episode contains:

  • five levels (tested and all completed with Lori!)
  • background music
  • puzzles with triggers, morphs and patience
  • obstacles
  • rest because there are no enemies
  • and so much more!

Good luck:

Good luck with this episode! Go to the lab and destroy the matter before it’s too late! And do not forget to leave a rating!


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.6

Recommendedmarian_kz rated 7.6

good puzles i think you desirve a 7.7
good gameplay 8/10
thinking 10/10
long 5/10
total rate 7.6/10 goooood

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 3.7

Not recommendedReview by n00b

2 Dec 2008, 00:18
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

Are you puzzled starts with a question, which is of course: Are you puzzled?

And in its defense, I was most of the time. I was puzzled at why a simple platforming level was deemed worthy material for a puzzle pack. I was puzzled at why the pyramid stage was super open and freeform compared to the other stages. I was puzzled at why the levels were all so short. Finally, I was puzzled why none of the levels presented anything particularly puzzling.

Things start off to a decent start. An extremely short level with two quick and easy tigger puzzles (which are pretty much the only puzzles in the entire pack) but in level 2 everything goes downhill. Instead of being presented with an actual puzzle, you instead jump up some platforms to be transformed into a frog and jump up more platforms. Then after that, you become a bird fly up to hit a trigger and then make your way back to the exit. I guess the puzzle was… what to do with the bird? I don’t know.

Stage 3 is hold right to win, smash all the crates, and hit all switches. Thats it. Thats the puzzle. Once again the stage feels like it was meant to be a segment in a full blown SP stage, but is too short and too simple to stand on its own. Gains minor bonus points for attempting a puzzle with the “repeatedly hit the two switches to lower the crate” section.

In stage 4 Ischa attempts something clever. The rules get changed up and now the stage has a lot of empty space and you aren’t being corralled by small hallways. The rules also get changed up in that the stage has a bunch of different elements in place but none of them are explained and some are useless. Beforehand, nothing was explained but it was ok because each stage was self-explanatory. However in stage 4 I’m not sure why one fire block turned me into a frog. I’m a bit confused on whether I was supposed to remove the fire blocks on the way to the TNT, or if I somehow found a way to cheat the stage like Crimi by just getting through a small gap at the end of them. Without any sense of direction the stage becomes a bit confusing and somewhat puzzling by sheer accident, and yet still plays like a really poor generic SP level.

The final stage has this really cool puzzle though! You have these 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 countdown blocks, and after the countdown you have a scant second or two to make a jump before the blocks reappear! Oh. Wait, these blocks all seem to have one-way events on them… so really the puzzle is to get to the crate they’re blocking and wait. This sounds super… exciting. Oh and it plays like a regular SP level like all the rest to boot? Awesome.

All Are You Puzzled? really proves is that Notary and his short shenanigans are no match for Neobeo and his mighty Firetruck. Ischa does a much better job when sticking to traditional SP levels. Hopefully he (she? I get confused) does so in the future because these more experimental packs (which also include the minigame-filled Jazz Planets series, and Boss Championship) tend to be nothing short of rubbish.

2 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Not recommendedReview by CrimiClown

30 Nov 2008, 17:51
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Let’s see what this is all about.

Gameplay: Below Average
The levels are all ‘puzzle’ levels, indicating that the player has to think before he acts. While that is partially true, I felt as if this pack didn’t provide any mental challenge at all.

The levels are, overall, pretty much the same. Grab a trigger, morph into a frog or bird and exit the level. The imput required is so straightforward, that I actually finished this pack, wondering when the puzzles would start.

The first level takes place in a castle, where a player must randomly try triggers to see which door opens with which trigger and eventually, get them all open. To make it even more frustrating, Ischa has made the trigger zones ‘switch’, which makes them flicker and glitch beyond possible imagination.

The second puzzle was so easy, it was horrible. You climb up on an organ, morph into a frog, climb further up, morph into a bird, backtrack the entire end and WOOT PUZZLE SOLVED. Puzzle, I tell you!!!!!1

Third level: Just run through the switch before you cross the bridge, k?

Fourth level was more challenging (and only a BIT) if it wasn’t for a major design flaw. Once you aquire the TNT’s, you can actually use them to grab the bird morph immediately and exit the level.

The final level was awkward in the beginning. For starters, most blocks you see are one-way. If I knew that, I would have made it within a minute. I used a TNT from the previous level to grab any trigger crates and exited. There was a fun part after the credits, though… you get prompted to a little podium where you can be number one. :)

Overall, it’s not so great and it needs a lot of work. Don’t feel discouraged, though, as puzzle levels with actual puzzles are fun!

Atmosphere: Below Average
Yeah, well, there just isn’t much to say about this here. There’s few eyecandy, except for some standard stuff like backgrounds, caves, etc. The music choice was pretty bland as well and the one in the third level even made me wonder as to why you wanna choose music which tell us “James Brown is dead”.

Your eyecandy needs tons of work. Try to look at high rated levels, see what makes them look good. Most importantly, don’t even be satisfied yourself. Spend more and more time on making a level look good (after you make it interesting and playable).

Overall: Not so good
I’m sorry, but there just isn’t a lot to this pack. The ‘puzzles’ aren’t challenging, the pack in general isn’t long and will keep you busy for, what, 10 minutes. People looking for a real challenge should try EvilMike’s series. Maybe you should, too, Ischa, just to see what makes a good level.

Oh and don’t steal ktnxluvbye

Download Recommendation: No
Sorry, but just no. This does not make it in my book of good levels.

Score: 3.8
Most points go out for effort. Spend more time on levels and make them look interesting, and this grade might go up a lot more. Good luck. :)

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