Ultimate Game Of Chess

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4 Apr 2010 at 21:36 (Minor update on 27 Jan 2013)

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Ischa (More uploads by Ischa)
Single player
Epic MegaGames

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cm.j2l Ultimate Game Of Chess 9.08 kB 27 Jan 2013
TR2_OLD_Chess.j2t TR2_OLD_Chess 77.59 kB 27 Jan 2013
JT_BREEZ.XM Mountain Breeze 623.64 kB 27 Jan 2013



Jazz, Spaz and Lori are called by their friends on the chessboard. The chess pieces from the Evil King captured one of the pawns from the Good King. In the regular game of chess, losing a pawn isn’t a serious problem in most cases, but in this game it is. The pawn which is captured, is the best pawn the Good King has.

Now it’s up to Jazz, Spaz and Lori to free the pawn out of his prison and vanquish the Evil King.


If you are an advanced JJ2 player, I advice you to play on Medium mode and not on Hard.


  • More enemies, bonuses, secrets and eyecandy added.
  • Bug in secret area is fixed.
  • Ball-and-chain platforms are slower now.
  • Bug in Boss stage is fixed.


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RecommendedReview by ThunderWalker

4 Apr 2010, 23:34 (edited 5 Apr 10, 16:40)
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

I have made a new review roster to use for myself. This makes it fairly hard to get a high rating from me from now on…

Single level story. Orginal, has nothing to do with Devan, but lacks creativity and any form of depth – but considering it is a single-level story and because most of the sixteen text strings seem to be used anyway, this doesn’t weigh as much as it could.
Thus, that being said, despite the flaws; 7/10

Orginal tileset, but very bland. Not enough foregrounds. Very little use of layer three, only for hiding secrets which is fine when looking to the tileset used. It could still be more.
5/10 —-> 7/10

Orginal and fits the level. I never heard it before and I liked it. This might be a reason to download the level, just for the damn music file.

Gameplay elements…
Level layout and such:
The boss in the end failes to come up, and without looking in the editor thanks to that password, the “end level” trigger is nowhere to be found.
Enemies where fine, but could be a lot more; especially on hard. It was a level which is easy to run through save the boll-platform pits which move too fast. Also, there are too many poles near the first pit.
4/10 —-> 5/10 —-> 6/10

Pickup placement:
Ammo was fine, more than enough to deal with the enemies. Enough food and gems. However, carrots and crates were nowhere to be found, even after the level edit.
4/10 —-> 6/10

Enemy placement:
Allright. It could still be better, but it is better than it was when you uploaded the level for the first time.
4/10 —-> 8/10

Replay value:
Secrets, coins, and other stuff are no actually everywhere. You actually can replay this level now to find all the secrets. I found two on the first run but there are likely a lot more. They
Sorry; 1/10 —-> 6/10

35/70 —-> 50/70

Penalties (bugs, unplayable with Lori, and other things like that):
The end-level-trigger was nowhere to be found: -0.5
—- Fixed!


DR: Yes, with the new edit. It is a lot better than before and it has enough orginality, at least to play it once, maybe even to play it a second- or third time.

Revieuw editted at 5th April because the level has been changed.

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