carrotus warez trone

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5 Jan 2011 at 07:17 (Minor update on 22 May 2011)

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aritra1115 (More uploads by aritra1115)
me and starcraft
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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Carrotus Warez Trone new.j2l Carrotus Warez Trone 6.69 kB 20 May 2011
A_CarrFIXmn.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Midnight 228.92 kB 02 Jan 2007 Castle City Old version 682.00 kB 30 Jul 2005


Its on again my first battle level probably much updated

Let me show you the updates:

1.Added more eyecandy
2.Added layer 3
3.Removed some areas
4.Added a secret area
5.Added coins
6.Added generators in weapons.

I hope you like this major update.

Have fun!


@Fab:Well there are coins in the secret area try to find it :P.
And 7.0 looks a bit overrated :/.

Note:To all downloaders of this lvl.
Please redownload


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Quick Reviews Average: 7

RecommendedFab rated 7.0

the new version is really mutch better!
ya i give this a 7
the Music does fit
and the lvl is quite and nice to play in battle
i really do like the level its great to play
so good job Aritra :))

but sme things you should fix:

- fix the background a bit , the casle is to mutch down.. make a bit more up
- and.. add Coins! :D (they missing)

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 4.9

Review by aritra1115

4 Jan 2011, 12:28 (edited 24 Jun 11, 09:27)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness22%

P.S:Please note that I have updated the level with eyecandy and other things.

To all reviewers:If you want please edit your reviews and if there is any other flaws, kindly write them in a simple review with a rating and it will be certainly accepted.

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Not recommendedReview by Zerg

4 Jan 2011, 11:52 (edited 29 Jun 11, 14:13)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness39%

way better than the first level, but this could be improved a lot….
I)Layers: No layer 2,5,7 usage, and on layer 3 is rain(wich falls bad), on layer 1 is 1 forground eyecandy plant(wich is unseeable).
layer 8 is good.
layer 4 is not bad.
II) Events:
1) The no fire zone don’t works.
2) Here that player wins, who gets first to the fire shield.(what is on the road)
3) too much powerups,and fastfires(whoose have generator).
4)The water block event works bad.
5)The lighning works alright.
III) Layout
Not bad, but could be improved a lot.
1) At the down side of the level, you can fall out from the level.(from where you can escape in multiplayer, just if you are killed).
2) Because of ammo, and other things, the flow of the level is somtimes bad.
IV)Music: At me don’t works.I heard it from my jazz directory.
V) Eyecandy. Because of no layer 2,5,7
usage, every eyecandy is on layer 4, the rain from layer 3(works bad), and the background layer(8), and the lightning from the layer 6.

5)Music: 7

Edit 2
The forground layers are working the same as the background layers, just they are in forground.They have more speed than the normal sprite layer, because if you see a thing closer, it moves faster, and it’s bigger. With the layer 5 rain… have youchecked tile hight and width?

Edit 3: Now it’s bmuchbetter. I raise my rating to 4.9

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