Silent Hills

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23 Feb 2011 at 15:29 (Minor update on 4 Jan 2012)

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Laro B. (More uploads by Laro B.)
Capture the flag
Laro24 for creating the level. Olsen, ZapS and P4ul for Tileset
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xlmsilent.j2l Silent hills 13.97 kB 23 Feb 2011
CarrFixDiam2.j2t Carrotus Fix Diamondus 2 233.34 kB 12 Nov 2010
mikko56.s3m Jungle attack 177.54 kB 18 Mar 2007


A large seized level.

This is my XLM tryout!

Laro24 for creating the level
Olsen, ZapS and P4ul for Tileset
Treylina for suggestions
CDF Clan for betatesting

I wanted to change something but it got removed somehow… <.<


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RecommendedRon97 rated 8.5

Fine enough.

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RecommendedReview by master sven

23 Feb 2011, 19:33 (edited 24 Feb 11, 10:05)
Spaz Slackrabbit (121 Points)
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King, in your profile you can select your rating system. It is possible to select a box where you can type in the grade yourself.

Now my own review:


I’m positively suprised by the eyecandy here. The level is dark overall, but still contains a lot of diverse eyecandy. The layer 5 background has been used very nice, many holes and bushes were added to give it a mithical atmosphere. I also like the lower part where the layer 5 ends and you can see the layer 6/7 again. Those mountains in the background aren’t really spectacular, but they suffice.


This level can be confusing for the first minutes you play it. Everything looks alike so you sometimes don’t know where you are. The warps are also hard to learn how to use and they don’t really seem to be an asset to this map. I also wasn’t really happy about the flow in this map, in many area’s I couldn’t run at high speed, but bumped against tiles instead.


I like the placement of the powerups and the carrots. One would say that putting the seeker powerup symitrically with the bouncer powerup would make the map biased, but I think bouncers are more useful in most parts of the map, so they even eachother out.
The layout of this level is also original, it combines battles in small and larger area’s, still it isn’t really a revolutionary shape.

Eyecandy: 8,2
Gameplay: 7,5
Originality: 8,3

Final Grade: 8

GJ and HF in XLM.

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