Super Dizzy

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12 Mar 2011 at 18:19

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Benja (More uploads by Benja)
Single player
By Benjamin Pulido
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SuperDizzy.j2l SuperDizzy 4.02 kB 12 Mar 2011


Another single player level by Benjamin Pulido.


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Quick Reviews Average: 2.7

Not recommendedbrain-drain rated 2.7

Sorry to say but i can’t give a higher rating. You’ll have to learn how to use the tileset first, because like this the level is quite ugly. Also using one of the harder tilesets isn’t a good idea if haven’t really made levels before. Also i kept getting hit by something invisible.
“Kids don’t try this at home” is all i can recommend.

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Not recommendedReview by aritra1115

13 Mar 2011, 06:57 (edited 30 Apr 11, 08:21)
Frog (13 Points)
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Even I can’t recommend to download lets see what we
have here.

One of the worse things in this level is the gameplay.
I don’t know why there are much enemies placed here,
the gameplay is only 1 minute because it is so small.

Eyecandy and Other things.
More worse randomly placed tiles there was only some type
of layer usage like the foreground eyecandy plant many
bugs in the ground, tiles don’t fit together.there was too
little to no eyecandy.Somehow the level is pretty small
to be even SP just run jump etc. then the level finishes and
boom the game crashes I’m probably mistaken by seeing the screenshot layer 8 was ok some tiles just don’t fit and were random.

**DR?:**No well probably I guess this is one of the better levels you made but I guess try to improve it from the following websites:

These are the websites where I have learnt making all of my levels.

Keep practicing and try to make a BIG SP level that surprises everybody :).

EDIT:Zerg I said that it is pretty small
to be even SP so he must make a tad bit
bigger level so if he can get a 5 then he might make a BIG SP level too.

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Review by Test

13 Mar 2011, 20:28
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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Looks like you need to brush up on your JCS Skills. Try an easy tutorial. That will help!

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