Lost Ages v1.2

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13 Aug 2011 at 19:58 (Minor update on 1 Jan 2016)

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
JJ1 Level
Please view the readme file.
Lost Ages v1.2.zip (947.45 kB)

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Installation.txt 0.92 kB 24 Jul 2013
J1LA-README.txt 14.58 kB 25 Jul 2013
Lost Ages 1.2 Update Log.txt 4.89 kB 25 Jul 2013
LEVEL0.000 CARROTUS LEVEL ONE 33.92 kB 24 Jul 2013
LEVEL1.000 CARROTUS LEVEL TWO 35.88 kB 25 Jul 2013
LEVEL0.001 JUNGROCK LEVEL ONE 29.03 kB 24 Jul 2013
LEVEL1.001 JUNGROCK LEVEL TWO 28.91 kB 24 Jul 2013
LEVEL0.003 DARK DRAGON LAIR LEVEL ONE 37.24 kB 25 Jul 2013
BLOCKS.000 CARROTUS 186.91 kB 17 Apr 2011
BLOCKS.002 SILENT SANCTUARY 162.47 kB 18 May 2011
BLOCKS.003 SILENT SANCTUARY 162.47 kB 18 May 2011
BLOCKS.011 154.20 kB 04 May 2011
BLOCKS.035 162.53 kB 23 Jul 2013
PLANET.000 CARROTUS 4.20 kB 27 Apr 2009
PLANET.001 JUNGROCK 4.20 kB 26 Jan 2012
PLANET.002 CORRUPT SANCTUARY 4.21 kB 24 Jul 2013
PLANET.003 DARK DRAGON LAIR 4.21 kB 24 Jul 2013
ALIENATM.PSM alien atmosphere 151.54 kB 24 Jul 2013
HAMMER.PSM mchammer 150.73 kB 24 Jul 2013
MEDIOEVA.PSM medioeval 127.62 kB 24 Jul 2013
SONG11.PSM 32.05 kB 30 Jun 1994
SONG17.PSM 117.13 kB 16 May 1994
SONG6.PSM 53.71 kB 30 May 1994
BONUSMAP.000 8.25 kB 22 Jul 2013
SPRITES.000 92.65 kB 28 Apr 2011
BONUSMAP.001 7.26 kB 12 May 2011
SPRITES.001 67.68 kB 03 Jul 2013
SPRITES.002 47.84 kB 18 May 2011
SPRITES.003 66.62 kB 24 Jul 2013
BONUSMAP.006 7.26 kB 31 Jul 2011
BONUSMAP.011 7.26 kB 12 May 2011


EDIT 2: New version is up! http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7616/lost-ages-v20/ Please download that one instead, there’s no reason to get this buggy and unfinished beta.

EDIT 2014: This download is OBSOLETE, outdated and a new version will be up soon or is up already. Only preserved this version for archival reasons, don’t bother downloading this and get the new version instead


An experiment I’ve worked on to test out the potential of the J1E Level Editor. Contains 8 levels (replaces planets 1-4) and some bonus maps. Everything important is listed in the text file included within this upload so please read that first.

Reuploaded last at 7/25/2013 at 07:50 GMT with the latest files (oops ;d) and patches


1) You must own a registered copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 with episodes 1-6 (strongly preferable to have A-C as well) for this mod to function properly

2) Create a backup of either your Jazz1 directory, or the particular files this mod replaces or else they will be overwritten permanently

3) Extract the contents of this archive to your Jazz1 folder. Select “Yes” when prompted to overwrite files

4) DOSBox is required to run Jazz Jackrabbit 1 on newer Windows systems. It’s available for free from http://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1 and runs many other old games as well.

5) This mod replaces the first four levels, so start from “Episode 1” to play. Difficulty modes are supported.

6) Enjoy Jazz Jackrabbit and this mod! :)

———————————TIPS ON PLAYING————————————————-

•) Read the “J1LA-README.txt” file for level tips and information about this mod.

•) Look Before You Leap

•) Conserve health sources and use them wisely

•) Look for alternative or secret passages

•) Beware of Pits!

•) EASY or MEDIUM difficulty is recommended for first time play

Have fun!
Updated to v1.2

-1 Brand new level
-More custom sprites
-Animations added to many things
-Custom music modules
-Death pits no longer cost 2 lives.
-Some minor gameplay modifications
-Substantial bug fixes

More detailed information is available in the change log included within.
Changes in v1.1

-Difficulty levels recalculated with a less challenging difficulty curve and greater variation between modes. -Minor design changes -Several bug fixes -Added custom planet graphics -Minor bonus stage fixes
  • View the update log in the archive for detailed information.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.2

Would really like to see sequel to this. you should definitely give JazzSD a try too!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.8

RecommendedReview by PT32

14 Feb 2012, 01:40 (edited 15 Feb 12, 01:02)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

Well, it’s been a goodly long while since I played through a decent custom Jazz 1 level pack, so I popped a Cherry Starburst in my mouth, took one final pit stop, then settled down in my chair for a grand old time with Blackraptor’s “Lost Ages” JJ1 pack…


Carrotus Level 1

From the very first level of the pack, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the rest of Blacky’s pack. For one thing, the brown rock background cave tile seemed to be malfunctioning (although I do believe he pointed that out himself), leaving brown tile vines hanging in midair in a rather unsightly mess. The sound effects didn’t work either, although Blackraptor acknowledged that as well.

I was also surprised by the difficulty level playing on medium, especially that first “Thorn Tunnel”. Seemed a bit excessive on medium mode to me.

I felt that some of the events (like the goblets) didn’t match the level very well, and the music also didn’t fit the level (although, to be fair, there really isn’t that much of a selection, and there won’t be until some bright person figures out how to put custom songs in a JJ1 level). I would’ve maybe used a song like Fanolint, or maybe Scraparap or Dreempipes (not that my choices are much better, lol).

Edit: It seems that I was mistaken. There IS a way to use custom music in Jazz 1 levels after all, therefore your horizons have officially expanded.

Fortunately, that’s about where the downsides end.

I was blown away by all the ingenious stuff that Blackraptor did with the now virtually limitless JJ1 engine. Custom baddies (with custom ANIMATIONS). Custom moving tomato and airboard platforms. A very well laid out level structure. The Birdie baddies were especially impressive.

There was also a Fast Feet segment, which although not perfect (I kept getting hung up on stuff), it was good enough.

The only thing I was disappointed not to find was any kind of custom weapon (which is possible, by the way, because I’ve done it before in my own Jazz 1 levels). I invented this really cool spike knife gun using the Dreempipes mine shards…

…But I digress.

Overall, there were some snags and bumps, but Level 1 ended on a high note in my mind.

Carrotus Level 2

Hoorah! The cave walls worked in this level!

Once I got over my initial pleasure concerning this, I quickly became concerned with the level itself. To be brutally honest, it confused the sam hill out of me. I could not for the life of me figure out how to get out of that dadgum cave, and I wasted almost every last second of my time in a vain attempt to do so. At great length, I at last figured out that you’re supposed to ride the airboard from one end of the room to the other (with a tricky over-the-tree jump in the middle), then climb out a hole in the roof to daylight.


Fortunately, this level is well supplied with gameclocks, so I was able to escape the “dungeon” with my life, my sanity and a few ticks left on the dial.

The next part was much easier to get through, with some platform-action sequences featuring more bodacious custom baddies (Including some that look like gophers who’re high on meth), a HUGE clump of grape food, and some cherries, too. Then there’s a fake exit sign, some Marbelara dragons, and finally the end.

Thank goodness. I thought I’d NEVER get out of there alive.

Overall, Level 2 was astounding as a complex, custom-made level, but also frighteningly confusing.

Carrotus Bonus

Another level that was brilliant in concept, but far less than impressive in execution. I spent most of all of my time trying to get out of the airplane landing strip that constitutes the first room, so I never did end up finding my way into the rest of the level.

That was too bad, because I was greatly looking forward to it.

Jungrock Level 1

I’ll be honest. At first, I wasn’t too impressed at the thought of a custom Jungrock level.

“Aww, man,” I complained to myself. “This won’t be very original at all!”

Happily, I was quickly proved to be wrong.

Jungrock According to Blackraptor is a brand new place, with seemingly every piece of eyecandy reinterpreted and used in a way you’d never have imagined before. Remember the springy plants? They’re plain old eyecandy now. Remember the green thorns? So are they.

Jungrock’s also been infused by some jungular tiles from…well, Jazz 2 Jungle, naturally. The graceful background trees, the green flora and fauna, it’s here.

And just like in Carrotus, Blacky’s made use of his custom baddies, using the Turtemple Scorpions (although that doesn’t really count as a CUSTOM, per se), turning the Red Buzzers into Spark events, adding a flying brown owl, and adding a MASSIVE gray godzilla/dinosaur monster that lumbers around and feels surprisingly fitting on Jungrock. Maybe because it looks a bit like a rock monster.

Overall, I was initially disenchanted, but ultimately satisfied by Jungrock 1. Well done.

Jungrock Level 2

From the first time I fell into that blasted death pit, I couldn’t settle my nerves down until I completed this heinous level.

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not heinous because it’s BAD. Granted, a little added directional guidance would’ve been greatly appreciated (since half the time I didn’t know where the devil I was going), and the curiously chosen goblets are back again, but those things aren’t what make this level so wicked sick.

It’s the gameplay that does the trick, and if it doesn’t kill me first, I might actually grow to like it.

There’s a number of instant death pits in this level (created by simply leaving out tiles at the bottom of the level), and sure enough, son of a gun that I am, I fell into one.

After that, I couldn’t make a midair leap without holding my breath over whether or not I’d fall to my death. Miraculously, sometimes I survived.

It’s a crazy adrenaline rush, but this adrenaline rush consequently makes the level a LOT more difficult to hack through. There’s a few gameclocks hidden around, but it still took me a while to master leaping into oblivion and hoping for the best.

Because it’s so tense, this level will DEFINITELY rub a lot of people the wrong way, and it would probably rub me wrong too, if I weren’t such a Jazz 1 aficionado. Fortunately for Blackraptor, I am, and I can appreciate a good challenge.

Overall, the supreme difficulty/challenge of the level is hard to adjust to, but it’s quite fun once you become accustomed to it.

Jungrock Bonus

I was very disappointed to find out that Jungrock has the same exact bonus level as Carrotus, so for a second time I wasted the entire level trying to figure out how to access the rest of the bonus. Quite aggravating.

Corrupted Sanctuary Level 1

At last, the golden goblets belong!

The next level of Lost Ages took me to Corrupted Sanctuary, a dark, grim, desolate world (I don’t care what Blackraptor says, this looks WAY more like a castle than a monastary) where Grave Hands spring up from the ground, black Cobras chase me around, and the Jungrock rock monsters sprout wings, breathing fire. The tileset was expertly used, with wooden beams occasionally criss-crossing the stones and hiding secrets (occasionally). The Medivo song was used here, and added quite nicely to the overall ambiance.

The Fast Feet segment here was shorter, but also less complicated, and therefore easier to execute.

On the less bright side, this level felt quite a bit shorter than the rest. I don’t know if this was because Blackraptor just ran out of steam, but it felt way smaller. I got to the end, and was like, “Huh?”

But oh well.

Overall, I was decently satiated with this level, and had some pretty good fun.

Corrupted Sanctuary Level 2

Complex. That was the word that kept popping into my mind as I played this level. Simply complex.

The stage starts off with a classic Jazz 1 tactic: A Spring Tower with One-Way Floors (although only the floors beneath the springs are one-way here, as that plays into the level to a great extent). As I bounced up the tower (and collected the requisite goodies hidden within the walls), I came to the top floor and entered a second spring tower.

The catch? This time, you’re going down instead of up.

The springs become your enemy here, hindering your attempts to cross, but never enough so to fully keep you from passing. The black bone maze was a perfect addition to the JJ1 tileset.

This level also seemed rather short, just like the first Corrupted Sanctuary level. It was a little disappointing, but I suppose it could’ve been worse.

Overall, this level was about on par with the first Corrupted Sanctuary level. Both were likely the weakest links in this pack.

Corrupted Sanctuary Bonus

Once again, this was a recycle of the first two bonus areas. However, this time I figured out that you could walk along the colored tiles lining the highways, and by doing so enter other areas (well, at least one area. I ran out of time on the clock by the time I figured this out).

Still, it was very frustrating, and I did not enjoy it at all, especially after having two previous cracks at the same level.


Thoughts on the pack in general? Lost Ages was good in some aspects, not quite so good in others. The creativity was on point, with the custom baddies and events. The tilesets were also well done, with plenty of visually appealing elements to keep me engaged. The gameplay was sufficiently challenging, the cadence of the pack was good, and I enjoyed myself a lot at times.

Unfortunately, there were also times when I nearly screamed myself hoarse over the annoying things Lost Ages did (or didn’t do). The events didn’t always match the levels. The music of Carrotus didn’t fit at all. The bonus level was a valiant effort, but ultimately unsuccessful, since I had three tries to beat it and couldn’t find my way into the rest of the level on any of the three.

Oh, and there was no boss. Why was there no boss? I was disappointed by this, since the pack seemed to be climaxing up to it. Rather a big letdown.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Blackraptor for dragging me into a much longer review than I had originally intended. I had meant to just play a little bit now, then continue my playthrough tomorrow, but the excellence level (for the most part) of the pack had me riveted for upwards of three hours.

This is a terrific pack. Lost Ages certainly has its flaws, but for every single one of these, there’s two other things that are absolutely rockstar. This whole level pack is a barrel of fun, so if you’re looking for a good old fashioned time, Blacky’s JJ1 masterpiece just might be the pack for you…

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Review by Ischa

26 Aug 2013, 15:32 (edited 26 Aug 13, 18:26 by cooba)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

It had been quite a long time ago for me to play some “home cooked” JJ1 Levels. I found this pack on JJ2Online and decided to try it.
I started to play and I was actually pretty surprised of that custom planet approaching screen of Carrotus! I really liked that and being extra motivated I started to play the first Carrotus level. When I started to play, I mentioned the great eyecandy! You really worked hard on it and I was 100% convinced that I would give you a high score for this pack on JJ2Online!
Sadly enough I thought that way too soon. The first Carrotus level was very frustrating for me to play. Especially because you always have to look around you before going anywhere. You’ve even mentioned us in the level description (“Look Before You Leap”), but that still doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hurt. I think that’s really bad for a JJ1 Level! In JJ1 you’re actually supposed to run fast, so it is really important that the levels are designed so that you can do a smooth run though them!
Overall it was really difficult, especially those shooting hoppers (birds) are very annoying. I really wanted to have more carrots in the stage. But either way: I eventually made my way out and got on to the second Carrotus level.
And now on for the worst part. I really feel bad about that second Carrotus level! I’m frustrated and even quite angry about how it was build, because there was NO WAY OUT of the cave for me! I tried to skip the level using the lamer cheat, but it didn’t work for me. Luckily I saw PT32’s comment about the air board in his review. I finally got out of the cave, reached the checkpoint and was really convinced that I would reach the exit in no time. But I didn’t! The second half was too hard for me. I didn’t make it to the exit and therefore I got completely stuck! At that point I stopped playing.
Believe me when I say I am an experienced JJ1 Player (I play it for like 18 years now), so I know what to do in the game, but this pack is way to difficult to play. Believe me: if these were JJ2 Levels, it would’ve been much better.

Having played only 2 out of 6 levels I have to change my way of calculating my final rating, but here it is.

  • I won’t take the eyecandy in the rating, since I haven’t seen only the 2 Carrotus levels, so I can’t rate the rest. The Carrotus levels have fantastic backgrounds though…
  • Challenge/difficulty gives you 0 out of 20, since I GOT STUCK.
  • Item placement gives you 7 out of 10, the items are good placed, but I reduced the rating from 10 to 7, because of insufficient carrots for such long and hard stages as these.
  • Gameplay gives you 0 out of 40, lowest score possible, because… well… of all the bad things you’ve just read.

That makes it a total score of 7 out of 70.
For the final rating: 10 ÷ 70 × 9 + 1 = 2.3.

[Don’t rate packs you haven’t played in full. Rating (2.3) removed. ~cooba]

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