Marble Area

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20 Nov 2011 at 19:33

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Dr. Eggman (More uploads by Dr. Eggman)
Robert A. Allen for original song i guess...

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Dr. Eggman - Marble Area [VBR].mp3 1856.47 kB 20 Nov 2011


Marbelara remix [mp3 VBR]


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Review by PT32

22 Nov 2011, 21:15
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
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Okay. That was the word that kept appearing in my mind as I put Dr. Eggman’s song on and prepared my review. The song was okay. No serious gaffes or ugly channels, no bad samples or clunky spots. It was okay.

But “okay” was all that it was.

It seemed a bit slow at parts, like the same patterns were repeating over and over again, with a slightly changed line or a different instrument each time. Call me overly critical (or even hypocritical, if you’ve listened to some of my earlier songs), but did it sound to anyone else like the same thing was repeating? For a four-minutes-and-change song, excessive repetition is never a good thing. Once through was more than enough for me. And it didn’t even GO all the way through, since about halfway through, it just stopped. Went to the next track.

The main basic notes of Marbelara also seemed to get a bit lost in the mix.

That being said, all of the samples worked well together, and if I skipped over the repetitive parts, it was actually a really cool song. Even though it wasn’t terribly original, the melody of Marbelara still poked through at strategic spots, just enough to remind the listener that it was there. I do wish though that more than a few seconds of the original Marbelara song had been utilized.

So, in the end what is my final verdict? My biggest issues with this song were its monotony and its incongruity with the original JJ1 song. My biggest compliments were its nice samples and its lack of gruesomeness.

However, good samples and a clean track do not a good remix make.

6.7. Download only if you really want to.

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