Formerly A Prince 2

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27 May 2013 at 10:59

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OLOELO (More uploads by OLOELO)
Single player
Me (obviously), tileset and music files designers. Thank to them for nice sets I could use.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

File contents

1-1 Castle.j2l A Lil' Trouble Down Here 8.40 kB 26 May 2013
1-2 Castle.j2l Knight Cap/Hat? Whatever 10.52 kB 23 May 2013
2-1 Carrotus.j2l Oh Crap! Lizards... 13.70 kB 24 May 2013
2-2 Carrotus.j2l Sick Of Carrots 14.61 kB 24 May 2013
3-1 Labrat.j2l In A Rat's Hollow 13.87 kB 26 May 2013
3-2 Labrat.j2l Chasing The Coward 14.11 kB 26 May 2013
AftermathI.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Inferno 158.88 kB 03 Nov 2009
AftermathW.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Nuclear Winter 158.86 kB 03 Nov 2009
CarrFix.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Day 230.61 kB 02 Aug 2012
CarrFixE.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Evening 230.64 kB 02 Aug 2012
Fortress.j2t Fortress of Forgotten Souls 135.31 kB 21 Jan 2008 Night City [KM] 1055.18 kB 27 Dec 2006 Approach (Nightbeat) 1567.08 kB 08 Dec 2001 Castle City 771.32 kB 30 Jul 2005
Technoir.xm Technoir Remix! 466.38 kB 19 Mar 2007
Toxic Land Hybrid.xm Hybrid song 2:20 50.15 kB 01 Nov 2003
motion_blur.s3m motion blur 535.62 kB 12 Sep 2004


Once again, here I go with another episode remake. In this one I decided to create new version of good ol’ JJ2 episode “Formerly A Prince”

I used almost entirely different tilesets to make it in order to create a new fresh style.

This episode doesn’t include things like puzzles, altered plot or kind of quests. It’s clearly single player. I focused rather on difficulty, which (at least I hope) is higher than in original one.

In every level I also used different soundctrack, because I don’t want you to be bored by listening to the same music as in original episode.

What more can I say? Nothing but: Enjoy, comment and rate this episode :)

P.S. I’m about to create another new version of “Jazz In Time”. It’s only a thing to find alternative versions of tilesets, which is rather hard for me. If someone cares, please give me a hint which tileset I could use.


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I don’t know why no one reviewed this pack but prefer this instead of the original one.

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