Jazz Jackrabbit 1 Final Boss music

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29 Aug 2013 at 02:42 (Minor update on 7 Sep 2013)

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Patch93 (More uploads by Patch93)
JJ1 Level
Robert A. Allen for the two original songs, Epic Games

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LEVEL0.023 GUARDIAN LEVEL ONE 14.15 kB 26 Aug 2013
ENDBOSS.PSM 206.44 kB 07 Sep 2013


I love Jazz Jackrabbit, who the hell doesn’t? It’s the best DOS platformer ever made. It also has a kick ass soundtrack, including the boss theme. However, there has been one thing that kinda bothered me, and that’s the fact that it doesn’t have it’s own separate final boss music for the end of Episode 6.

So that’s why I made this little PSM. For the most part it’s the main part of the Rock Fantasy table theme from Extreme Pinball mixed with the normal boss theme. I always thought the former sounded alot like the boss music at one part, so I thought it would make a fantastic base. It also contains an edited Episode 6 Guardian level file that will make it play the music.

Just drag the files into your JAZZ directory and you’re all set. Start up the game and use the LAMER cheat to skip to the end of the episode to give it a test listen if you want.

Used CONVERT.EXE (A S3M to PSM converter) and Modplug to create this.

EDIT 9/7/13: Fixed a minor issue with the toms. You probably didn’t notice it, so don’t worry.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.75

Recommendedcooba rated 7.5

Sounds pretty cool.

RecommendedSlaz rated 8

Very fitting climax music. Easely something Robert Allen could’ve mixed in. The added guitar tune blends in perfectly with the ending music that is to come.

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