Sonic With A Gun

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25 Feb 2014 at 22:37 (Minor update on 8 Dec 2017)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
JJ1 Level
Tested by cooba; created using every JJ1 editing program ever made
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SWAG.txt 1.99 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.000 EMERALDUS LEVEL ONE 17.05 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.000 EMERALDUS LEVEL TWO 22.14 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL2.000 EMERALDUS SECRET LEVEL 14.92 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.003 MARBELAVA LEVEL ONE 29.51 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.003 MARBELAVA LEVEL TWO 32.77 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL2.003 MARBELAVA SECRET LEVEL 17.04 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.006 GRAVIS LEVEL ONE 29.74 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.006 GRAVIS LEVEL TWO 25.54 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL2.006 GRAVIS SECRET LEVEL 12.52 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.009 LABYRINTHION LEVEL ONE 36.19 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.009 LABYRINTHION LEVEL TWO 33.54 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.012 NOIRLITE LEVEL ONE 36.12 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.012 NOIRLITE LEVEL TWO 39.23 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL2.012 NOIRLITE SECRET LEVEL 11.28 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.014 CLOUDSDUEL LEVEL ONE 10.81 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.014 CLOUDSDUEL LEVEL TWO 9.27 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL0.015 FABRICANT LEVEL ONE 34.09 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL1.015 FABRICANT LEVEL TWO 40.46 kB 07 Dec 2017
LEVEL2.015 FABRICANT SECRET LEVEL 23.55 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.000 EMERALDUS 172.80 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.001 EMERALDUS 81.83 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.003 MARBELAVA 183.29 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.004 196.90 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.006 GRAVIS 140.71 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.007 46.30 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.009 LABYRINTHION 102.60 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.012 NOIRLITE 124.89 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.013 88.38 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.014 CLOUDSDUEL 26.17 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.015 FABRICANT 130.88 kB 07 Dec 2017
BLOCKS.016 211.57 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.000 EMERALDUS 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.001 EMERALDUS 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.003 MARBELAVA 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.006 GRAVIS 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.009 LABYRINTHION 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.012 NOIRLITE 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.014 CLOUDSDUEL 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
PLANET.015 FABRICANT 4.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUS.PSM 95.71 kB 07 Dec 2017
BOSS.PSM 90.31 kB 07 Dec 2017
ENDLEVEL.PSM 57.50 kB 07 Dec 2017
ENDSONG.PSM 114.22 kB 07 Dec 2017
MENUSNG.PSM 77.74 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG0.PSM 78.98 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG12.PSM ush (maxi re-mix) 102.38 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG15.PSM hip2 139.55 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG3.PSM 100.92 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG8.PSM 117.16 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONG9.PSM 54.55 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONGCD1.PSM 119.16 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONGCD3.PSM 130.64 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONGCD4.PSM 107.75 kB 07 Dec 2017
SONGCD6.PSM ush (maxi re-mix) 100.37 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUS.000 156.97 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSE.000 67.10 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSF.000 57.85 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSG.000 67.60 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSL.000 60.64 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSM.000 69.72 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.000 5.79 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSN.000 63.00 kB 07 Dec 2017
CONFIG.000 0.03 kB 07 Dec 2017
DPMI.000 63.84 kB 07 Dec 2017
ENDING.000 3.91 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONTS.000 14.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
MAINCHAR.000 152.85 kB 07 Dec 2017
MENU.000 213.13 kB 07 Dec 2017
PANEL.000 13.71 kB 07 Dec 2017
RTM.000 106.29 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.000 127.54 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.000 79.68 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.001 6.28 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.001 0.39 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.002 6.05 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.002 0.39 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.003 6.07 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.003 0.39 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.003 66.67 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.004 6.15 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.004 17.09 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.005 5.97 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.005 5.39 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.006 5.79 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDS.006 0.39 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.006 57.12 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.007 6.28 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.008 6.05 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.009 6.07 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.009 71.85 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.010 6.15 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.011 5.97 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.012 6.15 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.012 46.22 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.013 5.97 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.014 65.30 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUSMAP.015 5.97 kB 07 Dec 2017
SPRITES.015 50.89 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONT2.0FN 3.73 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONTBIG.0FN 6.31 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONTINY.0FN 3.26 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONTMN1.0FN 8.77 kB 07 Dec 2017
FONTMN2.0FN 6.63 kB 07 Dec 2017
BONUS.0SC 50.62 kB 07 Dec 2017
CHEAT.0SC 20.09 kB 07 Dec 2017
CONTINUE.0SC 56.26 kB 07 Dec 2017
END.0SC 3.13 kB 07 Dec 2017
ENDLEVEL.0SC 14.48 kB 07 Dec 2017
INSTRUCT.0SC 89.75 kB 07 Dec 2017
ORDER.0SC 50.17 kB 07 Dec 2017
STARTUP.0SC 32.21 kB 07 Dec 2017
FILE0001.EXE 234.25 kB 07 Dec 2017
SETUP.EXE 102.46 kB 07 Dec 2017
SWAG.EXE 3.59 kB 07 Dec 2017
SOUNDCRD.INF 0.04 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRVINFO.INT 2.20 kB 07 Dec 2017
SETUP.INT 2.82 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRV000D.MUS 4.58 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRV002D.MUS 0.50 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRV003D.MUS 4.64 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRV004D.MUS 9.74 kB 07 Dec 2017
MDRV005D.MUS 9.22 kB 07 Dec 2017


Sonic With A Gun is a largescale mod of JJ1, roughly doubling the total number of released custom JJ1 levels. A minimum playthrough will take you through fourteen levels across seven planets, each with their own graphics and gameplay unlike any previous JJ1 level. There are an additional five secret levels and six bonus levels hidden throughout the game. SWAG includes a new bullet type, new gameplay styles, one hidden extra life in every level, and lots and lots of new enemies and other obstacles.

Note that due to the sheer number of files modified, including the main executable itself, this is a standalone release and you do not need any prior installation of JJ1 to run it. You will however most likely need a DOS emulator such as DOSBox.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9

RecommendedReview by Slaz

10 Mar 2014, 22:10
Turtle Goon (98 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings45 Featured reviews9 Average helpfulness89%

Alright, this took me somewhere between 6 to 8 tries to finish on Normal in one continue, but I finally did it and oh boy, this pack exceeded my expectations and overloaded my nostalgia! Across all playthroughs I found 3 secret levels and played 4 bonus levels. I’m not sure if that’s all of them, but let’s just review this beast!

The first stop is Emeraldus, an easy-going planet that mixes elements from Diamondus and Sonic’s Green Hill Zone. Right from the start it’s noticable how clever the levels are designed towards Jazz1’s low field of vision, with every jump landing Jazz where you’d expect him to land. I rarely bumped into spikes or enemies without expecting them to be there. Also, both levels have enough carrots to let players get the hang of Jazz1’s mechanics.

The 2nd planet, Marbelava, is perhaps the strangest and a bit of a black horse compared to the others (just like Sonic1’s equivalent). The underground parts encourage slow movement and precision jumps. It’s also filled with cleverly designed moving platforms, like blocks floating on lava and plateaus hanging on a chain. I generally liked these parts, except for the section with falling blocks which appeared to form a stack yet they didn’t. Just jumping into them worked, but it’s a bit unclear as to how and why this was intended or not.

Oh, and without trying to spoil, I got to play a secret level with an incredible atmosphere. It literally turned darkness into light. :P

Next stop is Gravis, mixing various elements from the Casino styled Sonic levels with Jazz1. All focus is on spring, bounce, and jumping mechanics here. In my view, the difficulty took a significant rise from this planet on. Carrots get less (or harder to find), enemies are placed harder, and environmental hazards are more fierce. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and visual details set here, such as neon-lights and the fact that the downside of the level is dark while the upside is light! I also liked the little Jazz clones, they remind you that it’s still a Jazz game following the same base plot (without the Twin Battleships).

In one of my latter playthoughs I found a secret level that felt as a springy reward, those extra lives really helped in learning the harder levels to come!

Labyrinthion, the fourth planet, was where most of my playthroughs ended. It mixes water-level puzzles with carefully placed hazards such as rolling rocks. First off, the way how the water slide at the beginning loops through warps is a cool way to resemble Sonic1’s counterpart. Thereafter starts a cleverly designed puzzle that requires you to open high pathways by raising the water level. I didn’t particularly like the slow pace of the first level, but the minecarts and moving platforms in the second one got me amazed! And then I haven’t even talked about the JJ2 style crate puzzles that halted my progress until asking on the JCF thread! Best thing introduced here may still be the granade weapon, it works well and gets rid of the fact that Jazz1’s weapons aren’t too different from each other.

The fifth planet is Noirlite, and reminds you that pits in platform games are evil! Thus it more than ever encourages you to stay up whenever possible. It also encourages fast movement like no other, and uses sucker tube mechanics to simulate loops. The booby-trap enemies introduced here were annoying (as they should) and it took me a while to learn how to overcome them. All while enjoying the starry sky including falling star effects!

In an earlier playthrough I found another secret level that really took things different with a Jazz clone. It relied on muscle-memory to clear it but wow, it was amazing!

Next there’s an oddly titled (extra) level ‘cloudsduel’ that resembles Sonic’s flying trip to Eggman’s base in Sonic 2, except we have Jazz on his trusty airboard! Me as a shoot ‘em up fan really appreciated the gameplay of this level! And it felt like an easy interlude for what is to come…

…In Fabricus, the final planet which is Devan’s base! It resembles both the ‘Death Egg’ and Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic. And just like on Sonic, environmental hazards are everywhere and way harder to avoid than on the previous planets. There’s things like electricity, torches, sawblades, and spears. The enemies however, are somewhat more passive and predictable, like those pigs shooting ball-things. I got through the first level pretty easy, but the 2nd started with another water puzzle (now with more hazards) that took many of my hard earned lives. The rest of the level went smooth, and the most surprising thing were the magnetic circle platforms, very clever and fun to play around with!

A lot more can be said about SWAG. But this review is a wall of text already, so let’s just say that even though there’s no such thing as perfection, a project of this scale with every nook & cranny thought-through with a purpose. The purpose of letting people play a game mixing Jazz, Sonic, fresh surprises, and nostalgia that’s well worth a 10! Chances are slim that you will like this pack if you don’t like the original Jazz1, but it’s well worth a try. Download recommended? No, it’s mandatory!

6 of 6 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by minmay

13 Mar 2014, 09:35 (edited 13 Mar 14, 09:37)
Turtle Goon (52 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

Sonic With A Gun is probably the fourth most ambitious Jazz-related project to ever see completion. The first three are Jazz Jackrabbit, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and JJ2+, and now that I think about it, I’m not really even sure about those.

In case your country has censored the upload description: SWAG offers six new Jazz 1 episodes, most with two normal levels, a secret level, and a bonus level. If you only include the normal levels then you would expect roughly the size of two original Jazz episodes, but most of the SWAG levels are much longer than the original Jazz levels, so it is closer to 3 or 4.

The levels do a remarkable job of stuffing themselves full of Sonic references, and while the game is still, at its core, Jazz Jackrabbit, SWAG feels very distinct from that. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a different game, but it feels much more like a full-fledged expansion pack (one of the cool ones, not horse armour) than a mere set of custom levels. Every planet has its own complete tileset, most of them more intricate than the original Jazz ones – Emeraldus is certainly a lot more attractive than Muckamok. Despite most of the graphics coming from some part of Jazz, the environments feel completely fresh, due to how much those graphics have changed. Just look at the 1st and 3rd screenshots. You won’t see a single enemy reused from Jazz, either – every single one is new, and there are lots of single ones, too. This being Violet, some of them are positively evil in their behaviour and placement. Even the pickups have new sprites!

The level design is tight all around, several times more appealing than that in the original game. Levels are filled with multiple paths, cool tricks, and interesting challenges. Despite many levels having complex layouts, it’s rare to feel lost; there’s a fantastic job done of showing the player where to progress. Or maybe that’s just because you always want to get from the left side of the level to the right side of the level. Whatever. The only planet that didn’t really impress me was Gravis – the graphics were surprisingly dull, with little detail and lots of floating coloured lines, and the pinball portions were really awkward with Jazz’s physics.

I was also very impressed by how well Sonic’s bonus levels were recreated. They’re certainly a lot more exciting than the original Jazz bonus levels – although I would have loved to be able to see the UFOs from more than 2 centimetres away.

The boss fights are on par with Sonic 1, and a good deal more interesting than the ones in the original Jazz. Then again, a trained gerbil could beat the boss fights in the original Jazz.

Playing SWAG, the only things that really bothered me were the timer running out on later levels (like I said, they’re long!), the small field of vision in Jazz (but SWAG handles it /much/ better than the original levels), and the limitations of the Jazz engine itself (every now and then you might notice a spike ball or spring spontaneously ceasing to exist).

I don’t think the difficulty was actually that much higher than the original Jazz levels, I didn’t have much trouble beating it on Hard. Mind you, Jazz 2 single player is about as difficult as drinking a glass of chocolate milk, and by comparison Jazz 1 is more like eating a small cactus. Except the cactus is actually delicious.

SWAG even has its own title screen. This is a product that is impressive in every respect, well worth the time it took to develop. I mean, the worst things I could think of to say about SWAG were actually complaints about the ORIGINAL GAME. I haven’t ever had that reaction to a mod before.

Rating? 9.8, because I’m reserving 9.9 for an especially large piece of the True Cross, and 10.0 for a machine that turns my toenail clippings into money.
Quick Review? I don’t think so.
Download recommended? What do you freaking think?

P.S. After completing SWAG, I managed to fix my Windows computer. Coincidence? Okay, yeah, it probably is a coincidence.

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RecommendedReview by BlackRaven

15 Dec 2014, 07:59 (edited 16 Dec 14, 06:06)
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

I am not a professional reviewer, and this is my first about at JJ1 mod, so please forgive any stupidities I may write! ;)

Sonic With a Gun is absolutely phenomenal. It combines the high quality design of the original Jazz Jackrabbit with new and experimental additions to the engine, allowing for more variety in gameplay.

Unfortunately, I have never played Sonic and can review this strictly as a Jazz Jackrabbit game, but here we go:

Emeraldus: This level is the closest to the original Jazz in terms of gameplay, nothing new is really added here (aside from the new enemies). To me this is the least exciting world, including visually, but then again, it wouldn’t have been a great idea to give away all the cool stuff right in the beginning of the game, so it’s all good. And is it just me, or there are not really any emeralds in this tileset? ;)

Marbelava: Despite the title, this feels way more like Pezrock than Marbelera. This is where things start to get interesting, and the gameplay is already significantly more varied. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will say no more, other than that you have to see it for yourself.

Gravis: This is pretty much Industrius revisited, but again, with many new enemies and enchanced gameplay. I love that miniature version of the final boss (the gray hare) as an enemy! My only criticism is about those horizontal lines suspended at random places in mid air, they look kind of awkward.

Labyrinthion: This one is perhaps my favorite in terms of visual appearance, and again, a slightly different kind of gameplay here, this level is more puzzle-like. I do not have anything bad to say about it.

Noirlite: I hated it when I first played it due to how difficult it was (seriously, this one is not recommended for noobs). The death pits were especially frustrating. But after practicing and finally completing it, I can say with absolute confidence that it is one of the best planets in the game. However, I’m not a big fan of the Pezrock music in the first level, it just doesn’t fit the level at all. For some weird reason, the second level uses the Tubelectric music, which goes way better with this planet.

Cloudsduel: This is the only bad level in the game (only imho). It is about as linear as it can possibly get, eye candy is poor compared to the other levels, and all i need to do to complete it is press continuous fire and travel in a stright line to the exit. It would have been a million times better if it was an actual level with a cloud-themed tileset.

Fabricant: I don’t even know what to say anymore, other than this level is amazing, just like almost everything else in the game.

I also found three hidden levels (or two, since one of them comes after Noirlite level 1 anyways, so I’m not sure why it is called Hidden zone and whether there is another secret level on that planet). I love the fact that you use completely new tilesets for the secret levels instead of just making them a part of the planet on which the exit to them is located. On a sidenote, that Hidden level on Gravis is EXTREMELY annoying. If you find it, you will see exactly why ;)

UPDATE: Today, while playing this game with all kinds of cheats, I found the regular exit in Noirlite 1 for the first time. It’s funny how the hidden zone is actually easier to find in that level than the real exit. I also found the secret level in Emeraldus. Not much eye candy here, but it uses a pretty cool engine feature.

I like those “mystery weapon” orbs, I find that they are a really cool addition. I also like the new Grenade gun (which actually shoots pineapples lol) although I still haven’t learned to use it properly, i keep missing the target most of the time :/

I’m not sure why, but on the bonus maps I can walk anywhere, the borders of the road do not work. Is that intentional or a bug?

So, on to the ratings. I do not want to have the poor rating of Cloudsduel bring down the overall rating of this otherwise mind-blowing pack, so I will give that level a separate rating. For gameplay, it’s a 2/10… maximum 3. For design and eye candy, 4/10, because I like how it starts where you finished on Noirlite and then blends into the cloud world as you fly up on that airboard, but the rest of the level is very bland and uninteresting.

As for the rest of the game:

Gameplay: Solid 10/10

Design and eye candy: 9.5/10. Emeraldus and its hidden zone are noticeably more basic looking than the other levels, but maybe that’s just me. Also, those horizontal lines on Gravis… i don’t know.

Difficulty: 10/10 It’s nice how levels vary in difficulty. It’s somewhat harder than the original JJ1 levels, which can be good or bad depending on personal opinion, I think it’s great, after all, if you are downloading this, you probably want something new to play in JJ1.

Music selection: 8.5/10. Music selection is flawless other than for that first level of Noirlite, as mentioned above.

Final rating: 38/40 or 9.5/10.

Download recommended? Should be obvious :)

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Review by Ischa

26 Feb 2014, 21:39 (edited 27 Feb 14, 14:08)
Spaz Slackrabbit (112 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness31%

Sonic With A Gun… it’s promoted on the homepage of Jazz2Online, so it must be a very good download! And today I gave it a shot.
It contains a pack of six worlds. Firstly we have Emeraldus, which was a tough start already, it was a hard job for me to complete. The second world of Marbelava was my personal favorite, I especially like the part with the platforms floating on the lava and the ‘eruptions’ carrying a platform allowing you to make it to a higher spot. Gravis was very, very hard because of the – so high that they are nearly impossible – jumps I had to take. Especially the ones with a bad guy waiting you up on top. VERRRRY frustrating. The pinball like places however are a nice touch! Then we have Labyrinthion, which was a labyrinth for sure: it was very difficult to find my way through, you can easily get lost. Noirlite let me actaully feel like Sonic with those ‘loops’. It is however very easy to fall to death. The final world of Fabricant was another big hell to get through, just like in Labyrinthion you could easily get lost and the spears sometimes simply block your way, with just no way through, actually forcing you to pump it full of lead before it finally blows. I think the overall difficulty of these levels is way too high for the average JJ1 player, so that necessitates me to reduce that from the rating of these levels.
Eyecandy is simply great! You really took your time in creating these levels. The backgrounds are very well decorated. I especially like the touch of that mast in Noirlite, which actually moved! That was very cool, I can’t remember seeing that before in a JJ1 level. But what I like the most, is the revamped menu! The Sonic theme of the levels continues in the menu and that was something I never saw before!
I think the overall difficulty of these levels is way too high for the average JJ1 player. It’s a good thing that levels are challenging, but it should not be too hard, especially not in JJ1, where you move so fast and you don’t have that much view around you. If you would’ve created these levels in JJ2 I think it would’ve been a better play, for JJ1 however it’s a total disaster.
Item placement is much better. You’ve spread the collectables well throughout the stages. Because of the hard difficulty however, some extra checkpoints on certain places wouldn’t been a luxury. The (revamped) enemies were great! I especially like the custom bosses at the end of every world.
For the gameplay I already told about issues like the hard jumps in Gravis, getting lost in Labyrinthion and the spears in Fabricant, making the gameplay not very smooth on certain moments, but there is also something I like, which are the 3D bonus stages, once again revamped. Instead of blue gems you have to collect purple UFO’s! And I also like the pinball, of course.

I’ll give you the points for your upload.

  • Eyecandy gives you 20 out of 20 points, with extra compliments for the revamped menu!
  • Challenge/difficulty gives you only 2 out of 20, because of the difficulty being way too high.
  • Item placement gives you 7 out of 10, that’s a bit lower because of the checkpoints which are missing on certain places.
  • Gameplay gives you 20 out of 40, because the gameplay is not always smooth, but I really like the 3D bonus stages and the pinball.

That makes it a total score of 49 out of 90.
For the final rating: 49÷ 90 × 9 + 1 = 5.9. See for yourself if you want to give this download a go…

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