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24 Jun 2014 at 16:10 (Major update on 17 Feb 2015)

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Blackraptor (More uploads by Blackraptor)
Capture the flag
I made the level. Epic Megagames, Impressive Creations and myself contributed to the tileset, as well as the original authors of the frescoes and coat of arms. Daniel Becker made this awesome cover of the Rains of Castamere. Special thanks to Cooba, SE and Salamander.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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olcCast.j2l Castamere 35.52 kB 17 Feb 2015
OLCCast.j2t Castamere 296.88 kB 15 Apr 2014
castamere.mp3 1564.90 kB 30 May 2014
OLCCast.j2as 2.34 kB 03 Feb 2015


A spontaneously made CTF map, my first and only in the last 9 years. Created and finished in a couple of days in April & June. Inspired by George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Each team’s side has:
-13 coins
-RF and Fireball powerups
-1 Coin Warp to base
-One carrot (+1)
-4(!) Batlevators™

There is a Seeker powerup and Full NRG carrot in the middle. The level is not symmetrical, because I feel that would’ve been a cop out to design and symmetrical levels are somewhat boring :p. Nevertheless, I tried my best to make it completely balanced. Supports games of up to 8 players, but optimized for 2vs2/3vs3 matches.

This level uses Angelscript and calls upon jjSample, so the latest Plus version and sound enabled is recommended. Also, /fireball on :]

Edit (02.17.15): Updated the script to work in games regardless if sound is enabled or not, doubled the amount of batlevators on each side, and changed around some of the ammo placement


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.0

Awesome. Some players might find the EC bit too much but I think its just great. Layout seems to be good too, and with some practice its really easy to move around.

RecommendedSeren rated 8.0

This level has amazing visuals, but its gameplay tends to be overcentralized. All carrots and both bases are placed in the top 30% of the level, and in a map of this size, that simply doesn’t work out. Sometimes I also wish for a wider choice of available paths.

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Review by FireSworD

25 Jun 2014, 12:40 (edited 20 Oct 14, 01:59)
Spaz Slackrabbit (150 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings66 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness87%

Frozen batlevators will act like bats out of hell.

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Review by Blackraptor

26 Jun 2014, 02:13
Way better than Aiko (862 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings464 Featured reviews35 Average helpfulness92%

Lol good find FS, that is bizarre. Looks like they only act like that for the player that froze them, so that can’t be manipulated to the disadvantage of others :P

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