Dungeon Duels

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16 Oct 2014 at 19:32 (Minor update on 17 Oct 2014)

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Jelly Jam (More uploads by Jelly Jam)
Capture the flag
Special thanks to alot of people for giving me ideas.

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Jellyctf1.j2l Dungeon Duels 2.55 kB 16 Oct 2014


Here it is! My first CTF level. I hope ya like it, since it’s kinda bad.
Comment and rate if ya wanna.


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Review by Foly

18 Oct 2014, 16:33
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Nice to see another new level maker starting out. Hopefully you too will make new levels in the future and if you do so, here is some advice that you might find usefull:

First of all, this level seems very small since you can move around very quickly which makes it more suitable for duels.

One thing I kinda dislike is that the bases are right across each other which allows you to cap and recap too quickly. Ofcourse it can be a good thing since you have to think about where to kill your opponent and it will give very fast paced games but it’s perhaphs frustrating if they are this close.

Now something I both like and dislike: the c area. You can enter it from below with an rf climb and you are able to shoot it down which gives you more control over the level. However the placement is less good, right between the bases makes it extremely campy. Still, if the level was bigger it would be less campy so I think you are on a good track here.

As for the flow, there are a few minor issues: the springs at the bottom are annoying to use and the wind below the base is unnecessairy. Besides that it feels fine.

The ammo placement is nice, though maybe there is a bit too much at one spot. Three pu’s at the bottom is probably a bit too much (I have to admit, I made the same mistake once).

The eyecandy is nice and simple, thus good for a ctf level. Perhaphs you could vary it a bit more in the walls by changing some tiles to different wall tiles. One thing I’m not fond of is that you copied one half of the level and pasted it to the other half. This makes it less original, even if you make a symmetric level I usually like it if gameplay and eyecandy vary on each half like JE or FF.

One last thing: try to make your next levels more interesting by adding more diagonal passages, at the moment is a bit too straight. Hopefully you will keep on making levels and ofcourse have fun doing it :)

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