Medieval Duels

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13 Feb 2015 at 00:25 (Minor update on 21 Feb 2015)

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Jelly Jam (More uploads by Jelly Jam)
Cooba and P4ul made this old tileset, the textured background and some other stuff in the tileset are by Nick Standler. Remix by Omri Lahav. Level by me, PurpleJazz for alot helpful advice, and Electron for the the test duel! (And he won 7-6 ;p).
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Jellybattle1.j2l Medieval Duels 2.21 kB 13 Feb 2015
ICMediv2o1.j2t IC - Mediv2o1 184.17 kB 20 Jan 2015
Medivo1OH.ogg 2808.46 kB 13 Feb 2015


Here’s my entry for the ODT level contest. It’s nothing special, I don’t expect to win anyway. I just wanted to try and hell, maybe I’ll get some expirience for future JCSing.
This level is a peice of crap, but I still hope ya like it, since I have no expirience with using JCS.
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Review by ShadowGPW

21 Feb 2015, 16:53
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
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Jelly Jam’s ODT entry!

First of all Jelly Jam, don’t be to harsh on yourself! I get what you are trying to do with this level. You need to climb towers by jumping on springs boosting yourself up. Trying to have a vertical gameplay instead of the 10.000 horizontal based levels.

Level has for duels/2on2’s enough power ups, enough carrots, plenty of ammo to go around. The gameplay feels fast and has some what of a nice flow to it. Seekers will be a complete pain in the bunny butt during some intensive battles.

But there are 2 major flaws in the design. It’s the 2 huge dead ends. You cannot escape it on any way, if you accidentally end up in 1 of the 2 deadends you will be completely rekt. If you look at the design you hoped that Jelly Jam would have made a small tunnel from the left side to the right side. This would have solved the issue and brings a little more dynamic to the level.

Eyecandy isn’t important since it’s made for ODT, however.. ugh, it barely has any. It is blunt and boring. Absolutely no use of layers.

Anyway, keep on JCSing, you have some original ideas in mind and if you put a bit more attention for detail in a level and try to experiment with eyecandy.. I think you can come pretty far. Please do not be dis-encouraged with building levels!

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