Candlelight Castle

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15 Mar 2015 at 09:33 (Major update on 29 Sep 2015)

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Plumbe (More uploads by Plumbe)
Capture the flag
Level by Plumbe. Tileset by VioletCLM. Music by Victor Vergara. Special thanks to Foly and TreyLina for hosting, to SE for the script and to everyone else uttering criticism and giving feedback.
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pluctf04.j2l Candlelight Castle 7.77 kB 29 Sep 2015
PezroxV.j2t JJ1 Pezrox 109.88 kB 02 Aug 2004
aws_mac1.xm "Medieval Ambience" 1363.37 kB 10 Jul 1999
pluctf04.j2as 0.20 kB 29 Mar 2015


Just another CTF level I wanted to show to the world. It’s a small/medium-sized quasi-symmetrical map which I started working on in 2012, however I wasn’t quite satisfied with it until this point.

Main items are:
1 full carrot
1 Toaster PU & 1 Bouncer PU (available either via flying carrot or by shooting EB from aside)

Also note that the map features a team-triggered passage on either side, allowing for an additional opportunity to approach one’s own base to be RTS.

Another special Thank You goes to TreyLina for, once again, picking the music.

I hope you have fun playing the level and don’t hesitate to comment and rate it :p

EDIT#1 (16.3.15): My upload included the wrong tileset, it should be correct now. Thanks for pointing that out. + I replaced the steady candlelights with flickering lights.

EDIT#2 (23.3.15): By request I decided to replace the bottom sucker tubes with pathways accessible from both sides.

EDIT#3 (27.3.15): Added 2 hooks to the middle area to enable copter chars to reach the upper area w/o flying carrot + I replaced the top area seekers with toaster for less spamming.

EDIT#4 (29.3.15): Thanks to SE’s script the flying carrot is now no longer shootable!

EDIT#5 (Sept. 2015): I added some ledges near the C area for reduced campiness.


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RecommendedReview by DennisKainz

26 Dec 2015, 16:00
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
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A new CTF arena, this time in an aztec castle.
There are some good paths here, and to get a full arsenal of weapons, you have to move away of the bases, either above or below.
It’s quite easy to take the flag here and there if you know the map. But ofcouse your opponents may be expecting this, and you could encounter one every 10 feet.
There are a spot with a full health carrot, one with a fly carrot and one with the fastfire. And if you’re lucky enough, you could even find a power up.
The arena is made so that there are not too few or too many paths the flag carrier can take.
As for the eyecandy, it’s pretty hard to work on it with a Pezrock conversion. You used them well, though. And the dark tunnels are a great addition to the level.
I don’t really like that you use the original Pezrock palette, but this is acceptable. The things that bug me are that the fade color is darker than the textured background and that the textured background speeds are too high. You used AngelScript, so why not set jjUseLayer8Speeds to true?

Nice level. Download recommended.

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