Disarrayed Memories V2.5

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7 Apr 2015 at 18:47 (Minor update on 1 Jan 2016)

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TreyLina (More uploads by TreyLina)
Capture the flag
SE and PJ for the script, the playtesters and everything else I didn't make.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
LHDMv2.zip (573.48 kB)

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LHDMv2.j2l Disarrayed Memories v2.5 19.23 kB 13 Sep 2015
incubus.it "Incubus" - Siren/KFMF 770.25 kB 22 Jul 2011
LHDMv2.j2as 3.41 kB 01 Jan 2016


Disclaimer: This level is playable with later versions of 1.23+, but can only be opened in TSF JCS. This is due to the high amount of tile animations.

EDIT: V2.5 is out! Here’s the changes
  • There’s now a fastfire counter in the HUD. Hopefully this will give players the idea you actually need to collect them in order to fire faster.
  • Recoloured bouncers to indicate they don’t go through walls. Unpowered bouncers are grey, powered ones are gold.

Part two of “Mass level upload for the bash”.

A level based off a real dream I had. It’s not meant to be completely accurate however, otherwise the level would suck. Only thing thats similar to how it is in the original is the PU rooms, the tileset (it actually used letni 4 with the jungle bushes) and glowing platforms to the side of the base. Perhaps I’ll create an accurate one for fun sometime.

Some of you may remember the first version being in the 2014 bash. I had never got the chance to playtest that, so there were some notable gameplay flaws. With v2, I tried to improve what I could. Here’s what V2 changes;

  • More fastfires and reduced spawnrate.
  • Swapped RF and toast PU locations, to encourage taking the top area more.
  • A little more layer 4/3 EC. Sorry, still didn’t know what to do with layer 6/7.
  • Removed a platform at the base
  • Added some more glowing platforms
  • You can now fire RF/seek really fast with fastfire!
  • The textured background glows! (Thanks to Faw for the suggestion)
  • Replaced the seek pickups in the middle with toast, for quick strong ammo recovery after spawning.
  • Added seek pickups above the corners of the base.
I got hesitant in asking people to playtest because I’m ridiculously self-conscious in asking others to playtest in fear that I annoy them, which took me so long to upload this. Also that it’s difficult to organise a 3v3. Admitedly, I haven’t playtested v2 and would’ve liked to have improved the EC more, but I don’t think there’s time for that, as I must spend the remaining time finishing my other two levels.


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