Tweedle Wheedle

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21 Apr 2015 at 16:16 (Minor update on 24 May 2015)

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Bloody_Body (More uploads by Bloody_Body)
Single player
Level: I developed forfor's developement of the "Far Out" Code:40% written by me, 60% taken from user's code snippets or from the levels like Ozymandius or PlusHeaven (and adopted to this level of course)
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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1-Tweedle.j2l Tweedle Wheedle 21.27 kB 04 May 2015
Psych2c.j2t Psych2c 169.88 kB 22 Feb 2015
Metal.mod 409.43 kB 11 Sep 1998
1-Tweedle.j2as 91.85 kB 05 May 2015


A mad clown known as Tweedle had stolen your brother’s gun. Now you have to travel to Psychedelius and defeat this villian. There are lots of dangers on your way- dozens of bottomless pits, hordes of not very friendly Cheshire Cats, Spitting Bubbas and Blue Ghosts… But rewards are also cool, so check for hidden secrets, there are plenty of them!
Have fun and don’t fall into a pit! :D
P.S. Yeah, if you have downloaded my previous works, you can guess that making recolours to old tilesets is my hobby. It gives my life a meaning! :) This level is a good example.

EDIT (01.05.2015):I’ve read your reviews and changed layout a bit. Actually I didn’t like the idea of recolouring or resizing Bubbas- some types of sprites simply can’t change their direction and the pixel explosion won’t change it’s colour… Probably I’m too lazy now to solve these problems. Mainly I tried to buff Tweedle, as you complained that he is to easy compared to the entire level passing.


1) I removed all that annoying moving spikes where you’re always bein stucked.
2) Added a loophole into the bonus zone, so now you won’t accidentally exit it.
3) Reduced the number of enemies on Normal difficulty (But increased on Hard)
4) The platforms on Tweedle arena now are bigger, and you can’t pass between platform and organ any more, it’s intended to make Tweedle fight harder.
5)Respawning Hatters (on Hard) in Tweedle arena.
6) Small eyecandy changes.

1) Tweedle’s boss tune is random now (boss1 or boss2)
2) Tweedle deals more damage with electoblaster, fires more blaster- and bouncerbullets
3) Tweedle heals more HP at one turn, he also is now able to heal himself after stealing your ammo, however, in the second case he does’t heal much HP, otherwise it would be impossible to defeat him.

EDIT2 (03.05.2015): That’s good that you continue writting reviews frequently and edit them so I can see what do you think about updates of this pack and while I’m having the weekend I can consider your critics and improve the pack very quickly. I tried to fix everything Slaz wanted me to fix. I reduced HP to the majority of the enemies and finally I took care of the “random hell” of spiky balls. As for SE’s review, he noticed all the bugs I failed to fix before I uploaded the level here- Bubba’s problems with bomds, unability to shoot up whit “spitgun” and others-at the moment I have no idea how to fix them, but I’ll take care later when I have much free time. It’s a good idea to add some kind of award for collecting certain number of gems, I’ll think about it. However, I don’t agree that it’s too hard to collect 200 coins- there are at least 210 coins in the level and I wanted to make collecting them as challenging as possible, furthermore the reward for accomplishing this mission is worthy- I mean the “DragonBreath” weapon. As for challenge rooms and the boss I tried to improve them in this update.


1) Changed the arena with spiky balls. Now there are some refuges and trees where you can hide from falling balls. More than that, now you have to destroy blocks to reach seekes. All of it was done to increase the influense of your skill and reduce the influence of random.
2) Slightly modified Tweedle arena. The platforms are wider, so it won’t be too easy to aim boss to buttstomp him. The arena itself now looks like a huge organ (maybe, Johann Sebastian Bach could appreciate it :) ) The organ hampers you to buttstomp Tweedle when he walks on the platform. There are also 2 respawning withing 20 sec changing-charakter TV-sets, so you can be morphed into Spaz or Lori to use horisontal strikes.

1) Nerfed cats a bit. Now it takes more time to them to fadeout and fadein, more than that they can’t hit you (and you can’t hit them as well) till they are teleporting, so you can’t be hit by a suddenly teleported enemy. I also changed the first challenge room. Now if you kill one cat, immediately another cat appears in the random point of area instead of the killed one. So in the one hand you don’t have to wait till new wave appears and in the other hand there wouldn’t be more than 4 cats at the same time- no overflow of memory (no bugs like vanishing objects/enemies/rabbit).
2)The spiky balls appear 5 times more rarely, so it’s much easier to avoid them. Tried to fix spiky ball passing through the walls- they are still passing, but more rarely, argh!
3) Buffed Tweedle once again. Simply changed his object “Bilsy” to “Robot” and now bullets deal normal damage to him instead of double damage as they used to. Buffed the 2nd form of him a lot. Now he doesn’t only walk, he dances really fast and fires not only smokerings but bubba’s fireballs, numerous poweruped bouncers as well as blasterbouncers PU… I also made him to dissapear after death, this way he drops the gun only once (in the previous version he could do it twice before the level ends)
4) Nerfed HP to nearly all enemies except BlueGhosts as they run faster when being hit, so they should have much HP, and Spiky Balls for the similar reason: they spawn small balls every time being hit.
5) Small changes like preventing Great Carrots respawn every time you die and reducing the number of spiked balls to kill.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.175

RecommendedGoldRabbit rated 8.9

Level gets a bit repetitive after some time playing it, but difficulty ramps up pretty smoothly and I’m adding extra points for a working Tweedle boss. Definitely an enjoyable experience. Worth a look!

RecommendedXxMoNsTeRXM rated 9.7

The level is a bit hard, but the level’s script is awesome!
@Superjazz The chesire cats are dealing damage to me.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9.1

Finally someone does the tweedle boss properly. This one was very fun to play actually.

By the way, are the cheshire cats supposed to deal any damage? Because apparently they do not.

RecommendedZoro rated 9

Enjoyed playing this level much. Good job!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.85

RecommendedReview by Slaz

24 Apr 2015, 19:57 (edited 2 May 15, 18:41)
Spaz Slackrabbit (123 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings56 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

EDIT: 02-05-2015: Alright, I’ve done another playthrough on Normal after changes appear to have been made. There are noticable less enemies now, yet personally the amount of enemies didn’t bother me. It was the amount of health they had, which is still the same. Also, the ‘spammy’ spikeball interlude section remains unchanged. The Tweedle fight felt improved a bit. It took me slightly more time to down him this time, although he appeared to camp on the corner platforms a little more. It’s still a great level, but my score of 8.7 remains the same for now. Keep up the good work!

Original Review: Ever since AngelScript came to JJ2 I’ve been particularly interested to see a Tweedle boss fight being made. At one point in AS’s early life I saw a server pop up called something like ‘FIGHT TWEEDLE’ and I rushed to turn on my computer to play it, only to see it was actually a Bubba fight with swapped sprites in an editied Psych level.

So you can imagine the name of this download combined with the third screenshot made me play this as soon as I saw it! The level starts off with a funny palette shift as if the dawn breaks, following is what feels like common Psych gameplay with some interesting tweaks to enemies and mechanics.

Changes include health bars for enemies, a health increase system similar to Ozymandius (big carrot pickups), Fast Feet items that temporarily increase jump height, several customized guns, and some customized enemies. Mad Hatters felt like they were the same, and can still easely be defeated by ducking and shooting. The Dragonflies are made to be more annoyingly evasive than they already were (in a good sense) causing the player to carefully plan their shots. The Cheshire Cats and Bubba’s are fully custom enemies and I like both of them. The cats fly around shooting Toaster-like waves of fire and sometimes teleport to you, while Bubba’s aim spit to you and leave a ghost version of themselves behind that can only be physically attacked (opposite of Pok√©mon? :P). The scripted custom platforms felt very responsive and made pit sections somewhat fun. Custom weapons include Potions (much like Mad Hatter’s bullets), Bombs that work like the ones Float Lizards use, and a funky Toaster PU with more horizontal reach useful for those Dragonflies.

Then there are these interludes (indicated by a change of music and hellish palette shift) that have you fight a certain amount of enemies before you’re allowed to continue. I liked the one with the cats, but the spikeballs were very tedious and unnecessarily random. Yes there are seekers to use and after-death hints depicting their effectiveness against them, but still it felt like random spam that can only be fought with your own spam.

Lastly, the boss fight! It played a lot like what I had in mind for the actual Tweedle fight the way the JJ2 team intended it, and Bloody_Body clearly tried to stay true to their intentions. In the first half of the fight Tweedle will dance around while shooting and occasionally healing himself, then eventually he’ll pick up a magnet that disarms you (your sprite still has a gun though), leaving you using solely buttstomps and special moves. Of course this makes him easier with Spaz and Lori than with Jazz, but it’s more than doable either way. I also liked his use of smoke rings.

Overal it’s a fun level that mixes traditional gameplay with original scripted gimmicks. Sometimes the flow of the level felt too slow paced due to enemies increased health and the gimmicky ways to kill them. Still the overall level including the boss fight are worth a playthrough for every SP lover out there, and not only for the boss fight!

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RecommendedReview by Primpy

24 Apr 2015, 17:36 (edited 24 Apr 15, 17:39)
Frog (21 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness59%

So I was looking for something new to play on JJ2+ and then I saw this. “Tweedle Wheedle” sounded like a promising name and seeing Tweedle boss in an actual level (one of the bosses I always wanted to battle) made me decide downloading it. First up, I’ve got to say that it’s an amazingly scripted level, which I really liked. Also it’s nice that you added bombs, potions (or whatever that ammo is called) and ghosts. The ambient was nice, very few bad tiles, nothing to really ruin the gameplay. It was a great idea adding Bubbas as enemies, but if they looked at least a little different from the actual Bubba (ex. new color, size, etc.) that would’ve been fantastic. I really enjoyed the game until it got really hard, even on easy! First more Cheshire Cats, then the spiky balls… I eventually gave up and used JJRUSH and JJFLY when they were needed. First level I saw a spring on a Caterpillar. Pretty original! Maybe if it was a little easier on Easy it could be an extremely enjoyable level, since Jazz Jackrabbit is still a run’n‘shoot. Collected 200 coins, finally! goes to warp; accidentally goes to right and gets teleported back Dammit! The exit should be somewhere else, not a place where you could instantly get teleported out. Anyway, finally got to the boss. I expected something really powerful, since the level was so damn hard. It was surprisingly easy, unfortunately! Still the idea is pretty damn interesting, I enjoyed seeing Tweedle in-game for the first time.

Before rating, a funny story: I was standing on one of those moving platforms. I accidentally fell; Cheshire Cat teleports beneath me, deals me 1 damage but I jump back on the platform. That enemy literally saved my life!

I’ll rate 9.7 for all the effort you put into this level. Thank you for making this fine piece of work!

2 of 4 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by mintor94

14 Mar 2016, 19:14 (edited 14 Mar 16, 21:34)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

- to many deadly pits
- boss battle makes on sense
- everything else. New enemies are fun, and their health is shown above them in a very nice, elegant way. I also enjoyed flying platforms, they look cool, sound cool and are practical. And there are also new weapons, but they are not so great.

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RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

30 Sep 2022, 19:49
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

Ah, 2015! A heady time full of promise. Let’s look at the angelscript API and see what it can do for a single player level. Different palettes at different stages of the level? Absolutely! Enemies with more health, other sprites used as enemies, other sprites used as (unremarkable) weapons. Sure! Totally sick fire-breathing platforms moving in all directions! Anything seemed possible. People were building on JJ2 gameplay to add exciting new elements to dazzle and amaze and entertain.

Good times.

Tweedle Wheedle is not without bugs, I suppose, and the eponymous boss battle is frustrating as all Tweedle fights seem to be, and the layout occasionally gets confusing, but it’s unrelentingly cool. And even without all the scripting stuff the layout is still really good, doing interesting things with the psych3 base, then adding lots of really distinctive design elements to the rest of the level. Just a fun time throughout.

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