Enemy Rush

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30 Aug 2015 at 05:03 (Minor update on 2 Sep 2015)

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Ja22 Jackrabbit (More uploads by Ja22 Jackrabbit)
Single player
Spa2, for testing the level
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Enemy Rush.zip (2.07 kB)

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ReadMe.txt 0.30 kB 31 Aug 2015
Enemy Rush.j2l Enemy Rush 1.87 kB 31 Aug 2015


Hello Jazzers!

This is a special upload from me! I made my very first Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level two years ago (29th August 2013), and I wanted to celebrate my anniversary with making a remastered version of this first map: its name was Try-To-Survive-This, and my username was Jazz2222 (:P). So here is the new remake!

Enemy Rush is a ‘shoot-and-jump’ level, where you have to get through a map filled with enemies. You can both use your gun or Streetfight moves to complete it.

Note: If you want to check the level before downloading, both the screenshot and the .j2l file you can view here in the file list doesn’t show a real picture of the level. This is because of the updates, and the level looks different (and better c:). New screenshots will be coming soon, but I don’t know what to do with the .j2l file, because it also doesn’t show some layers.

The level works with:

- JJ2 1.23

- JJ2 TSF (1.24)

- JJ2+ 1.23

- JJ2+ TSF (1.24)


31. 08. 2015.

- Fixed the music file. (You don’t need the MP3 file.)

- Fixed floating items (such as floating candles) :)

- Fixed game crash after completing the level.

- Made the level compatible with all Jazz Jackrabbit 2 versions (listed above).

- Changed some enemies (to make the level more exciting, and to avoid bats hanging on nothing x3)

- Changed the background (Layer 8)

30. 08. 2015.

- Fixed all tile and other bugs (such as invisible enemies, layer bugs etc.)

- Extended the map

- Optimalised for all difficulities

- Optimalised for both simple and Streetfigt mode

- Added warp-zone to the bottom of the level (you will warp back to the start pos if you fall)

I know the remastered version is not too long, but I wanted to make it a perfect map (no bugs, for example). However if you find a bug, please write it in a comment! Thank you for your help!

> Play and challenge suggestions<
I will suggest some ways and challenges to complete the map. You can send your suggestions in a comment. ;)

- Challenges:

*Complete the map with only Streetfight moves *Find a Speedrun way, and complete the level on it

That’s all for now, more coming soon! :D

So yes, that’s all. Please review and download the level! Thak you! :)
- More information: see the ReadMe file in the download.

© 2015 Ja22 Jackrabbit


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 2.3

Review by DennisKainz

6 Dec 2015, 20:05
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness30%

I want to find TreyLina’s review a good review, but the button is missing.
Is there some kind of system to decide who can or cannot find reviews good or bad?

1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Not recommendedReview by TreyLina

30 Aug 2015, 23:39 (edited 2 Sep 15, 23:24)
Bee Boy Swarm (46 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness63%

A short level with a bunch of enemies placed into a row, and one tile platforms placed ahead.

Uhh…..it looks less tilebugged than your other levels.


You can use copter ears over the entire level skipping all of the enemies, completing the level in 4 seconds.

The level has a lot of tilebugs, like cut off floor edges and random shaded pillars. Layer 8 uses layer 4 windows which causes distracting sprite trails behind them in single player.

I’m not really fond of the EC style, which involves putting tiles meant for layer 4 in the background, which creates a clashy look.

The layout is just a long platform with a bunch of random short platforms placed ahead.

The enemy distribution is also poor, because they’re all on the floor. That partly contributes to the level being so quick to complete (other than being a short, empty horizontal path).

This thing in your description: “ The level works with:

- JJ2 1.23

- JJ2 TSF (1.24)

- JJ2+ 1.23

- JJ2+ TSF (1.24) “

But the version marked on your upload is TSF+, which makes that all a load of nonsense. But seriously though, you don’t need to tell what the level works with, as the version marking on Jazz2online already explains that.

Could Improve on

Theres an exit sign in the tileset. You can use that to indicate where the exit is.

This level is still half-baked. Sure it’s better than “Try to survive this”, though not by much. I could see potential in a level where you have to rush killing enemies, but some scripting is needed for that, otherwise you can simply disregard them and rush to the exit.

EDIT: “Oh, and I just marked the upload with TSF+ because I created the level in it” no, thats not what version marking is for. It’s for telling the minimum version supported. You don’t create something in plus, only the features you use define what makes it plus or not (i.e angelscript, pits, custom gamemodes like jb/dom, MP3s/OGGs). There’s no such thing as JCS +. Also, when you save a level in TSF JCS, it doesn’t work in vanilla 1.23.

It’s been two years and you’re still relying on the “I’m a beginner!” crutch, while I never did. It’s time to stop making excuses and learn to make more polished levels. No one cares how much time you spend on your levels, it is all about the end result.

EDIT: Made the rating a little higher after some things were fixed. And removed some no longer relevant stuff.

You really think a level either takes hours or 30 seconds to complete? Wowwww…very few levels are so hard that they take hours to complete. The bare minimum of finishing a level should take at least a minute, otherwise it feels unsatisfying. I don’t even like massive levels myself all that much, but the polar opposite isn’t any better.

And yes, saving a level in TSF JCS makes a level unopenable in 1.23 JCS. That’s why there is a TSF to 1.23 level converter in the first place. Go on, try opening the level in 1.23 JCS and tell me I’m wrong. Infact, I don’t recommend using TSF JCS at all unless you have to use it, as unlike TSF JCS, 1.23 JCS supports showing special tile types without you having to keep right clicking to check, and allows you to use the new plus tile effects like frozen, invisible and heat effect.

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Review by Ja22

31 Aug 2015, 04:34 (edited 4 Sep 15, 14:55 by Ja22 Jackrabbit)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

Thank you for your review! :)
Well yes, I mostly agree with you, but there are a few things I have to explain. About the MP3 file…
I know it sounds so stupid, but I thought JJ2 uses only .it files to play music, and I didn’t find the Jazz Castle music (in .it format) in my JJ2 folder. But I fixed it to castle.j2b as you advised.
Oh, and I just marked the upload with TSF+ because I created the level in it. Now I changed the music file, you can use any JJ2 version to play it.
If you want to cheat, you can fly through the map, but its goal is to defeat all enemies. So I guess you will download this map to battle your way through it, not to fly.
Er…what tiles you mean meant to layer 4, but put in background layers? And what do you mean under ‘there are a lot of tilebugs’? Where?
About the bats…
Yeah, they look a bit strange. I changed them into other enemies, because I am not that good in JCS and making levels to put something there they can hang on. :P
But thank you for your advices, I will make your suggestions! :)

EDIT: Hm. I don’t really understand this version thing. I created ‘Try-to-survive-this’ in 1.23 JCS, and then remade it with TSF JCS. So it should work with 1.23, because I didn’t put anything in the level that would require TSF, isn’t?

Yes, it’s been two years, and I still haven’t learned to use JCS professionally. But I fixed everything you said (except the version marker), so what you still don’t like? It is a simple map, you shouldn’t deal with things like there should be some enemies in the air, too. Yes, it would improve the gameplay, but this is not a real mistake. It can be completed quickly, and that is the goal of this level, not to stuck on it for hours. I think I made a good job with my personal knowledge, and that is not a problem if this level won’t be your favourite map and you won’t play on it for hours. This is not created for that. I thought someone will download it, play on it, and then leave it. You might play it again sometimes. So I don’t think I should change a LOT more on this level.

EDIT: No, I was just exaggerating it, of course. I meant that this level doesn’t need to be longer and harder, I think. Anyway, I still fall down a few times when I play it, so it is more than one minute to complete it, but maybe it’s just for me. :)

Oh, thank you for explaining that. But if I convert a level from TSF to 1.23, will I be able to play it in TSF? And what if I want to use TSF? Do I have to download 1.23, too, to use its JCS?

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Not recommendedReview by Blaze The Movie Fan

6 Jan 2016, 20:43
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness11%

This is certianly better than the levels you made in 2013 which I reviewed recently. But not by much.

When I jump to the bottom, there is at least a teleport there, but it still has the same problems Try-To-Survive this and Turtle Bowling.

In my other reviews I didn’t get into much detail as of why blank background is a bad idea, so I’m gonna explain now.

Because everything in the level itself gets to that background and it becomes painful to watch. I suggest having that background in the 7th layer and use the 8th layer to make sure there is something behind that. Yeah that can work.

As for what’s been improved, sadly the improvement is barely noticeable. There are a lot of enemies, but killing them requires no effort.

I’m sorry to say, even though this is an improvement over the other two levels you made it’s not by much. I’m gonna tell you the same thing people told me over 11 years ago. A level is not easy to make, a good level takes at least a day to make. And as much as I hate to say this, all three of your levels I have played so far are worse than any of the levels I made back in 2001-2004. And that’s saying a lot since the levels I made back then weren’t good at all.

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