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23 Feb 2017 at 03:55 (Minor update on 13 Sep 2017)

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FireSworD (More uploads by FireSworD)
Capture the flag
Levels: Me. Tileset: "Cheq 3" by Onag. Music: "Spatial Distortion" by Necros. Scripts: Sir E, PJ and Myself. Thanks to all of the other testers and supporters.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Hyperspace.zip (196.59 kB)

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hs.j2l Hyperspace 18.03 kB 13 Sep 2017
hsmf.j2l Hyperspace 18.03 kB 13 Sep 2017
cheq3.j2t Cheq 3 68.45 kB 05 Apr 2007
hs.j2as 10.45 kB 13 Feb 2017
hsmf.j2as 11.49 kB 17 Feb 2017
necros_-_spatial_distortion.mo3 118.16 kB 27 Jan 2017


The theme of Hyperspace is about a lower dimensional plane that is ‘curled’ in on itself through a higher dimension, illustrated by a 2d and a 3d plane, but the planes are not 2d and 3d. If you keep moving around Hyperspace, the result is an infinite loop.

Hyperspace is mainly suited for 6 players, but most other player amounts should work.

The learning curve for Hyperspace is high, because a lot of the concepts are unique, so many jj2 players are not currently familiar with them . To aid those who are new to Hyperspace, the bases are color coded. I recommend playing at least 3-4 games here before reviewing.

Important: hs.j2l and hsmf.j2l are the same levels, but they use different scripts. Arrows work by detecting the closest flag position in hsmf.j2l (Hyperspace modified flags), but not in hs.j2l. It seems there are some potential issues involving the server capturing flags in hsmf.j2l, but there shouldn’t be issues if the server doesn’t play. Since the server rarely if ever plays, I recommend using the “modified flag” version of Hyperspace. The “modified flag” version will not work for split-screeners.

Hyperspace appeared very laggy in Camel Duels, but not in other servers, presumably because of Camel Duel’s wildly specialized server settings. If anyone knows the problem or how to fix it, please respond.

EDIT: Fixed tile-bugs.


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