Flow - JJ2 Episode

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23 Jul 2017 at 09:50 (Minor update on 23 Jul 2017)

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EchoNox (More uploads by EchoNox)
Single player
To me, Noka and other creators of some tilesets.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Flow.zip (1.41 MB)

File contents

Readme.txt 0.49 kB 23 Jul 2017
Aquarius.j2l Atlantic Rampage 6.55 kB 23 Jul 2017
Candion.j2l Sweet Dreams 4.82 kB 23 Jul 2017
Diamondust.j2l Infernal Biosphere 3.40 kB 22 Jul 2017
DiamondustN.j2l Diamondus Gardening 3.39 kB 23 Jul 2017
Letni.j2l Techno Logic 4.78 kB 21 Jul 2017
MedivoX.j2l Crim storm 3.05 kB 22 Jul 2017
Caverns9.j2t Caverns9 274.85 kB 18 Jul 2017
ImprMed_Crimson.j2t ImprMed_Crimson 223.91 kB 20 Jul 2017
ImprMed_CrimsonSunset.j2t ImprMed_CrimsonSunset 224.00 kB 20 Jul 2017
Noka - Letni.j2t Noka - Letni 134.39 kB 20 Jul 2017
Qobcandi.j2t QoB Candion TC 38.33 kB 18 Jul 2017
flow.j2e flow2 Episode 21.83 kB 18 Jul 2017
Shademan.it Mega Man 7 - Shade Man (XG 466.98 kB 20 Jul 2017
Letni.s3m Letni 70.47 kB 20 Jul 2017


This is an fanmade episode made by me.
It contains:
7 different levels
5 bonus tilesets
2 different songs
2 bosses

and .. the EPISODE!!

NOTE: Read the REDAME TEXT cuz it’s important



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Review by Jelly Jam

25 Jul 2017, 00:37
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness50%

First of all I’d like to mention how I’m doing a review exchange thingy, so I apoligise to EchoNox for this low rating even though he gave my level a high rating, which I thank him for.

Well first of all, the whole .j2e thing doesnt work for me. I have labrat3 but I dont see why would that be the first level of the episode since:

1. It’s not your level
2. It cycled to another level completely unrelated to this level pack (labrat1n).

Maybe it’s just my problem but I still dont see how to get past it.

Alright, the levels. Not sure how to properly review a single player level since Inever released one and all of my VIP single player levels are gone and they sucked.

Well, the levels are too short. It’s just ordinary lineral gameplay with a bunch of enemies on your way and much more pickups, there are so many pickups I was equiped for the rest of the pack even after level 1.

At least you made another path in level 1 that leads you to a gold coin, so you have to kill enemies on your way, making the gold coin a reward (the bouns warp needs 5 coins). This is a nice start. So, reward the player for going off the main path in future levels somehow.

The boss arenas are too big for bosses that are slow and easy to beat, you should’ve made a lot smaller arenas with maybe hurt events here and there to make the boss fights more instense, but here even the blaster ammo is enough.

Oh and Diamondust and diamondustN are basicly the same level with a diffirent tileset palette, i dont see why would they be in the same episode. Well actually after passing diamondust and cycling to diamondustN it took me a minute to realise i was playing the same level.

The levels dont have any tilebugs it seems, however, they barely have any eyecandy. It’s simply boring, you could’ve at least put something in layer7.

Well this is all I can think of ATM. I dont want to be mean or anything, but it’s just the way it is! Try looking up to some popular single player releases on J2O and find some cool stuff could try to use! No one got a perfect 10 out of their first try! Please dont let this rating stop you from JCSing!

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