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13 Sep 2017 at 12:24 (Minor update on 21 Nov 2017)

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Mike_1990 (More uploads by Mike_1990)
Single player
I used Interference Ending.mod in one level, however could't find the author. I have it originaly from JJ2 Remake Levels pack from (SF)-SteFan-BG.
Flashback REBORN.zip (305.08 kB)

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changelog.txt 0.54 kB 21 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN 1.j2l Apple Hunt 11.94 kB 19 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN 2.j2l Diamondus at Night 13.15 kB 12 Sep 2017
Flashback REBORN 3.j2l Techno Beats 14.52 kB 21 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN 4.j2l Electrocuted 15.15 kB 21 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN 5.j2l Dark Side of the World 17.45 kB 15 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN 6.j2l Secret Chambers 16.06 kB 12 Sep 2017
Flashback REBORN c.j2l The End 2.15 kB 21 Nov 2017
Flashback REBORN s.j2l Frog in the City 9.70 kB 12 Sep 2017
colors.j2t colors 1.98 kB 21 Nov 2017
tube_fr.j2t tube_fr 80.19 kB 21 Nov 2017
tube_fr_nite.j2t tube_fr_nite 80.50 kB 21 Nov 2017
Interference Ending.mod Interference Ending 62.57 kB 11 Oct 2006


Another variation on classic Diamondus + Tubelectric + Medivo combo. In retrospective I realize I could have probably used some modified tilesets as these original ones will be probably way too boring for most people but that would mean redoing all levels from the scratch so I left it as it is. Hopefully they will still be fun. Also I recommend hard setting for seasoned players, but if you want just quick 15 min. playthrough, go with normal. Easy is just for noobs. Tested only on jazz but I think it should be playable also on Spaz and Lori. Enjoy and leave a comment if you have any ideas about the levels!


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Quick Reviews Average: 4.7

Recommended(SF)-SteFan-BG rated 4.7

Great level Mike_1990!

[Changed to quick review – PurpleJazz]

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RecommendedReview by Slaz

18 Sep 2017, 10:57
Spaz Slackrabbit (122 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

As always, it’s nice to see new Single Player releases and this seems like quite a large pack. It’s indeed not the first attempt at a Flashback episode remake. It seems lik the JJ1 shareware episode holds lots of nostalgic value to a lot of players.

Starting off in Diamondus, you’re ironically greeted by a familiar stoned Caterpillar protecting it’s apples, for some weird reason. The first few minutes of gameplay got me in the flow with enough secrets to explore and groups of enemies to hit. Bees were plenty so be prepared for them! I loved the placement of hard to get purple gems (mostly in corners), seems like a homage to EvilMike’s Devres series. I also loved the Text apology of wind events not pushing left.

While the Diamondus levels had minor tilebugs with some foreground, overall eyecandy placement was pretty well done. Sure most walls seem plain, but that’s made up by the placement of foliage in the play area. The Tube levels had some confusing background/foreground at times, making it really hard to see where to progress and where you can stand on. The multiple pathways including some Pinball stuff felt nice, especially the row of tubes near the end with a backtracking warp, encouraging to try them all to see where they lead. Those long 3D Spikeballs were both hilarious and annoying at the same time.

Medivo had a significant difficulty spike. Bats are hidden all over the place and spikeballs swing into you unexpectedly. Luckily there’s some Toaster ammo to get rid of them. The 2nd level focuses a lot on Airboard action which is a nice touch.

The bosses felt quite generic yet their arena designs made up for it a bit. They also have respawning enemies which force at least some movement from the player.

Biggest problems I experienced with these levels are about enemy placement and the lack of weapons in the earlier levels. Not once, but a lot of times I jumped down and got hit by walking enemies. Medivo also had some bats above springs that only muscle-memory a well-timed buttstomp could clear out. For the weapons, RF’s weren’t really useful in Diamondus, so I pushed through with a Blaster until the Tube levels got me at least some handy Bouncers. Spaz seems by far the best option for this pack, though I got through fine as Jazz missing some high placed pickups.

I do recommend this for a good burst of SP gameplay that’s both nostalgic and fresh. I don’t think this is the best Flashback remake out there, yet still a nice addition to play. Hard mode does indeed give some challenges to seasoned players (I lost 3 lives), but the other modes were pretty accessible apart from (maybe) some jumping/pinball stuff in Tubelectric. Well done Mike and good luck with future JCSing!

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RecommendedReview by Jelly Jam

1 Oct 2017, 14:42 (edited 3 Mar 18, 11:59)
Frog (15 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings15 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness47%

@(SF)-SteFan-BG: Lol, it’s a series of levels, not just one.

Also, how does “great” match the 4.7 rating?

EDIT: Taking the time to rate this now that I can. Great pack! The gameplay style is quite similar to the original levels and it was actually an exciting challenge for me (hard mode). Although the eyecandy could’ve been better at some parts. Overall, great!

I’m giving this an 8 and if you ask me, Stefan’s rating only made this incredibly underrated.

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