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17 Jul 2018 at 11:42 (Minor update on 16 Aug 2018)

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Bloody_Body (More uploads by Bloody_Body)
Single player
Level, tileset and script modification were made by me. Special thanks to Violet CLM for scripting help, PurpleJazz and Primpy for betatesting.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Psychomondus.j2l Escape from the Wonderland 13.28 kB 16 Aug 2018
Psych2c10.j2t Psych2c10 171.38 kB 22 Mar 2017
Psychomondus.j2t Psychomondus 173.72 kB 15 Jul 2018
Psychomondus.j2as 31.00 kB 16 Aug 2018


This is the level for Primpy’s contest “Summertime Jazziness”:
I have no idea what file type I should select for my upload. It’s a hybrid of SP, Treasure hunt and jailbreak.

So, how Psychodelicus would be named if there were loads of diamonds? I guess it would be something like Psychomondus :)

This planet suffers of a continious solar eclipse. Obviously, only you can save it.
Your task is to collect 25 especially rare purple diamonds. Each purple diamond you collect will make the planet a little bit more sunny and firendly! Don’t neglect blue, green and red gems though. They also contribute into your total gem score. 10 blue gems cost as 1 purple.

Now, I have a special challenge for the most tough Jazzers. Try to accomplish this level on hard difficulty. It would require strategical thinking and a good map knowledge. Don’t forget to read my hints within the level, they can be useful.

Now have fun! And don’t forget to boast in your reviews how many purple gems you’ve managed to collect!

BTW, I’ve made it in Turbo with both Jazz and Spaz! However, I’ve never tried this level with Lory. It’s not that hard to finish level even in Turbo if you know exactly where to run and what to do.

Edit 1 (2 August, 2018)

- It’s now doable with Lori. However, it’s harder than with Jazz or Spaz. But Lori is for tough guys and gals, isn’t she?

- Dragonflies don’t drop Green Gems any more. They drop only usual stuff like fastfires and carrots and only when they’re killed for the first time.

-Some small visual changes. Very small.

Edit 2 (15 August, 2018)

- Changed the posotions of the savepoints in Easy, added one to Normal.

- Enemies are now respawning after 255 sec. In fact it works as if they respawned only when you’ve moved away from them

- Now it’s harder to get fire shield.

- Fixed the bug nobody mentioned before. If you were killed while having increased height of jumps, it didn’t go back to normal after the level’s reload.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.7

RecommendedPrimpy rated 9.7

I’m too lazy to write a full-fledged review. Honestly, it’s one of the best JJ2 SP levels I ever played, the only problem being the lack of checkpoints. Once you die, you have to start over from the beginning. Other than that, fantastic level, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fresh JJ2 single player challenge.

Recommendedcake137 rated 9

I love pyschomondus..

RecommendedStijn rated 7.5

Large level with lots of things to do and some interesting scripted features. What took away a lot of the fun was that enemies (some of which are quite difficult) respawn. This would be okay if it only happened after moving away but they can respawn right where you’re standing now which feels unfair. Otherwise, a fun and innovative level.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.2

RecommendedReview by happygreenfrog

14 Aug 2018, 22:10 (edited 16 Aug 18, 17:55)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness85%

MAJOR UPDATE: This review has now been changed a decent amount to accommodate for the improvements made to the level, and the score has been bumped up. I may make another small update if/when I manage to completely, 100% beat the level rather than simply getting decent progress like I have in my previous attempts, but I’m pretty sure this is roughly my final thoughts on it now in any case.

Let me start by saying this: This level has a ton of variety, nice tile-set usage, clever concepts, neat scripted enemies, and generally speaking, I would probably recommend giving it a go. Just to give you all a summary of what I like about it before I delve into details on the positives and negatives.

That being said, with the latest update, while some of the issues have been fixed, a few other issues still remain. I definitely had quite a bit more fun with it this time though.

+Excellent tileset usage. It’s a bit of a tricky tileset to use right from what I’ve used of it myself, so this is maybe a bigger deal than I make it sound like it is, honestly.
+The concept of the level. Going around collecting gems while defeating enemies to get ammo to open up more passageways to get more gems and defeat more enemies. This is fun stuff, not gonna lie.
+Nice level design with clever placement of enemies, gems, and other items. This makes the already nice concept even more fun.
+That jump boost item is FUN. Seriously. Okay, okay, it’s a small thing, but the little things count sometimes.
+The rocket booster moving platforms are neat
+The stage tells you your progress, and even tells you how much more food you need for a sugar rush! Both nice touches.
+Nicely scripted enemies with neat concepts

-When Tweedle turns you into a frog, some locations make it way too hard to get back to Eva. I can’t confirm for sure, but some may even make it impossible (certainly FEELS impossible at times in any case)
-A small thing, but some more music variety and/or a longer song would admittedly have been nice
-After a certain point, exploring the stage starts becoming somewhat less fun, mostly because, best as I can tell, the stage isn’t really all that big (best as I can tell, I actually encountered most of the major areas of it in one run or another, even if I still haven’t beaten the stage properly yet). Since the core concept of the stage is exploring around to try to find things, this… kind of makes the stage start losing its charm after a while, unfortunately.
-The ammo is a tad bit too scarce for my tastes. This isn’t an objective flaw, especially with how the stage is designed around said limited ammo, and it’s a pretty small issue at that, so I can’t fault the stage for it too much, but it did hinder my own personal enjoyment of the stage a bit.

Overall, would I recommend a download? Yes. There are a ton of cool concepts here, the stage is mostly well-designed ENOUGH, and generally it’s pretty enjoyable. Still not perfect, but, at least in my opinion, a fair bit better than it was before the update.

P.S. This doesn’t honestly feel like it has much to do with summer, in regards to its status as a Summertime Jazziness entry. Still not a bad stage tho.

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Review by SmokeNC

18 Sep 2018, 17:24
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness88%

The level seems fun at first, but I don’t like grinding and turning to a frog over and over, I didn’t like this as much as I like Stone Abyss levels, but i guess it’s just not my type.

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