Weed Jungle

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14 Nov 2020 at 15:56 (Minor update on 25 Dec 2022)

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Weedjungle.j2l Weed Jungle 11.30 kB 25 Dec 2022
A_CarrFIXday.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Day 228.88 kB 10 Apr 2020
CandionV.j2t CandionV 161.48 kB 01 Jan 2017
Jungle1.j2t Jungle 1 224.83 kB 24 Jul 2011
Psych1.j2t Psych 1 163.94 kB 24 Jul 2011
the_cheesecake_garden.it 612.72 kB 08 May 2015
Weedjungle.j2as 0.38 kB 25 Dec 2022
MLLE-Include-1.6.asc 23.90 kB 25 Dec 2022
Weedjungle-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 5.04 kB 25 Dec 2022


Another level where I used MLLE, this time I created it with Psych, in this level I focused a lot on the background and special effects, I hope you like it.

EDIT 2022: made the map more playable


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Review by Violet CLM

26 Dec 2020, 19:55
I might as well work here (539 Points)
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I really like how this looks—the colors work well together, the leaves are charming and make the screen look alive without obstructing visibility/gameplay—but not how it plays. There’s definitely room to explore how to use Hurt events (and other things that hurt you) in multiplayer levels more, but I don’t think this is the answer. Right now if you want to get the carrot, you have to take a sucker tube out of the carrot room and into a bunch of Hurt events. I’m really not sure what the reasoning here is but it’s not enjoyable.

I wonder if this level was only tested in local splitscreen multiplayer, not internet/LAN multiplayer? When played in local splitscreen, the various destruct blocks respawn after a while, and even a bunch of enemies(!) appear, but neither of those things happen otherwise.

The layout is odd for a battle level. There’s only one start position, and from it you follow one of two linear paths (one of which loops back around to near the start) in search of powerups. There’s not a lot of stuff to pick up between powerups—and most of what there is to pick up is gems, which are useless in battle—so battles may end up clustering around those powerups as players who already have them defend their positions against their recently respawned opponents. The flow isn’t the smoothest around: you can bump into walls and stuff trying to progress along the linear paths, and again there are Hurt events to contend with.

I dunno. I’m reluctant to opinionate too much about the non-technical aspects of this level, as it’s clearly aiming for a very different style of gameplay than most battle levels (especially when the enemies work), so how reasonable is it to judge this by the standards of a more traditional style that it’s uninterested in emulating? Maybe if I got some more people together to play this with, we’d have a good time advancing along the level’s main linear path, kind of like an assault level. Maybe not. But the graphical experiments going on here are certainly pleasant to look at in the meantime.

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